Thanksgiving 2019

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This Thanksgiving was an interesting one. After having surgery two weeks ago, having to go back to the doctors office a week after surgery with complications, to then getting and infection….celebrating Thanksgiving wasn’t looking to good for me. But thankfully our family pulled it together! Adams parents and one of his sister’s family decided to come us this year, then …

Monday Meal: Breakfast Casserole

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This weeks Monday Meal is a super easy one! We love to break this recipe out especially during holiday season when everything is extra busy. We also love breakfast for dinner and with all the eggs and sausage, its got an adequate amount of protein that makes me happy. Breakfast Casserole XOXO ~D~ Please share our Story…FacebookPinterestRedditTwitteremailLinkedin

Attitude of Gratitude

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Do you ever just find yourself in a grumpy mood? Sometimes I can’t put my finger on the exact cause…maybe just a mix of rollercoaster hormones, a messy house, a long to-do list, and plain ole’ exhaustion…but I let all these things contribute to my bad mood and it makes it hard to appreciate the good things in life sometimes! And when …

Mamarella Pizza Night

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After watching last night’s episode of OutDaughtered, it made me laugh because… well that’s what is for dinner tonight!! LOL Red Baron Pizza is 100% our go-to pizza, mainly because my Grandpa “Pops” swore by Red Baron. It was the only frozen pizza he would buy, lol. But… we sure do love our pizza nights, mostly because, Mom here, knows it will be …

Marriage First

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Adam and I get a lot of criticism for having “too many date nights”.  We whole-heartedly feel like by taking care of our marriage first, we are doing what is best for our kids. One of the essential things that children need is a loving and secure home and to us that need can be met only by making sure the …

Mom Guilt

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OK friends, I’m about to be really honest…I love my children with everything I have, but some days they test my last nerve!! They nitpick and fight with each other, whine and complain when I ask them to do “a chore”, and plug their noses when they see a vegetable on their plates. But you know what’s harder than dealing …

13 Things About Adam aka Buzz

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Ok…so I have never known Adam to be so descriptive. Well I take that back… he is a “Busby” 😉 which means he can chat about something he loves forever, haha. Clearly he LOVES drinks hahaha Food:  Steak!  I could literally eat steak at every meal.  It’s my favorite thing at a restaurant and my favorite thing to cook for others too!  Most stay …


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This one is a breeze! Such a simple and easy meal. Most of our kids fear veggies, or really anything green, but the key to this dish is the CHEESY part!!!! The kids don’t even know they are eating broccoli because the creamy cheese is so yummy! CHEESY BROCCOLI & CHICKEN CASSEROLE RECIPE Click the link to open recipe. Enjoy! …

First Concert! JoJoSiwa

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Blayke and the Quints have been obsessed with JoJo Siwa. When we saw that JoJo was coming to the Houston Area, Daddy said WE HAVE TO TAKE THEM! I was 100% excited to take Blayke to see JoJo but NOT gonna lie, taking five four-year olds to a concert…yikes! However, there was no way we could not NOT take them…they …