As we have approached BIRTHDAY week for our girls, its this week that I get reminded of THIS life I live…the life I live everyday as my ‘normal’ but a life that is very extraordinary and rare. Some days it is hard to remember what all I have gone through: A journey of infertility, to a journey of a high risk pregnancy with quintuplets (Americas FIRST all GIRL Quintuplets!!!), to then a journey of surviving the NICU with FIVE babies born around 2lbs, to learning how to raise a big sister and quintuplets, to learning how to share our story publicly with a TV show (OutDaughtered)…to NOW! A mom to a 13yr old and to the quintuplets who will be 9 years old this week. Man!! its been a crazy, challenging, but extraordinary journey. But one thing I know for sure, is GOD has been the center of it all and without my faith, I truly believe we would have not survived all these obstacles.

Having quintuplets born extreme premature (28 weeks and 2 days) and watching them fight for their life everyday it the NICU for 3 months, is a journey that will always be an impact to our families life! We SAW God do miracles, and I truly believe He created Adam & I for THIS.

Our NICU journey has had a huge impact on our life. So many ups and downs, so many moments of feeling helpless, so many prayers, and so much love and support.
Every year the quints draw whatever they want on paper and the Mom Danielle digitizes the drawings and puts them on t-shirts to sell. This is the Busby Quints 5th year in a row creating these NICU Giveback tees. We are so grateful for the care and support so many doctors and nurses provided us in the NICU for our 3 month journey. These tees are created to give back to the NICU. 

Consider the Wildflowers 

This verse spoke to me whenever I saw ironically that all the quints each drew a different type of flower. How beautiful it was to be reminded of Matthew 6:28-30. 
Jesus says to you: “See how the lilies of the field grow? Your Father clothes them in splendor. So much more than this he clothes you and loves you!” 
You are God’s precious wildflower! Don’t worry about the things in life and do not have little faith. For God loves YOU and you are significant to God and the people round you so hold your head high and smile. FAITH is what carried us through out NICU Journey, and still today! 

You can shop the tees online by clicking the image or
2024 NICU Giveback Tee

If you follow our journey, you know this is my back especially to the NICU. Thank you for everyone who supports this cause and helping the Busby Quints give back to their first ‘home’.
XO ~D~