Be Bold. Press On. Shine Bright.

No matter the trials or troubles you are currently in, know God is there for you and with you.
He is waiting for you to lean into His never ending LOVE. 

Set the fear as side, let the worries go, and believe in the one who created YOU for a purpose.
YOU are loved. YOU are needed. And YOU are worthy of today. 

Y’all, I too am a sinner. I too don’t have all things together and I too fail all the time. I too have walk MANY TRAILS and have faced MANY LIFE obstacles…many doubts, many pains, many “why me??”” …

but GOD! 

God has guided my path all these years and poured out grace upon grace over me.  I know my life would not look the same if I didn’t have Him as the center and guide of my life.  One of the biggest trials I have faced was my quintuplet pregnancy. Though it in itself was a shock, it was also a shock to think about the life I had already created and had. I was a wife and a mother already…and what was this life risking pregnancy going to do to it??  I was told over and over that I could not survive…that this could be detrimental to myself and/or all the babies. So the thoughts did race through my head…would I survive? Would I make it through? Would I come out of this and still be here for Adam and my girls?? So many scary unknown obsitcles to come. …

but GOD!

God knew me! He knew I loved a good challenge (and boy oh boy was I gifted a big one, lol). I vividly remember calling out to God in prayer “What more do I have to give?? I do not feel equipt for this. How? How? How… will this be possible?” And God answered me clearly with “YOU are SO MUCH MORE CAPABLE of all things AS LONG AS YOU WALK WITH ME. TRUST IN ME DANIELLE”!!.  

When doctors told me ‘you may not survive this’… thats all it took for me to PRESS ON and show them HOW BIG MY GOD IS!  I was faced with SO MANY unexpected challenge but I had a peace about this ‘challenge’. I knew God had me. I knew He brought me here for a purpose…to show so many how BIG He is! My faith was tested many times during this season, but I knew God would never stray from me. I had to keep my heart and head aligned and stay focus on Him… I had to lean on Him more than ever.  He constantly provided me comfort, strength, financial security, health, community, and everything I needed. 

Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.

Philippians 3:12-15

I share this today because I often have to remind myself of the miracles God has worked in my life. Life is still challenging….so many new trials I face constantly. But I know my pains are for someone else’s purpose, and that honestly is so beautiful if you think about it. How beautiful it is to walk through life knowing God sees you and wants to use you for His good.

Lord, Thank you for trusting in me and seeing me for who you created me to be and not for all the doubts and weakness I see in myself. Thank you Lord for this ‘challenging’ life you have blessed me with. Thank you for always loving meeven in the hard times or times when I feel unloveable… you are still constant! I thank you Lord for those in my life you have put around me to speak into me, to walk next to me and to remind me of your goodness…even when in a slump. I pray for strength today! I pray I can continue to ‘let my light on’ and lead people to you. I pray for those in my life to help me keep the bulb on and when I feel like turning it off, that they will remind me of the purpose of the light. Use me for your purpose Lord. Amen.

Be Bold. Press On. Shine Bright.