First Broken Bone

WELL… I’m glad we have made it this far with 6 kids, but we have officially reached the First BROKEN BONE in the Busby house. I literally never thought it would be Blayke who broke a bone first and I literally never thought it would be broken by doing something so simple…that she does all the time, lol. TO save me from typing the story (LOL) you can watch this story all on our YouTube Channel. Here ya go 🙂

Talk about FEEL BAD AS A MOM!!! hahaha I love Blayke’s first comment when we found out “I TOLD YOU IT HURT”!! lol. She loved the temp cast but when we went to go get her actual cast, we were shocked to see how big of a cast she needed.

Adam playing in the doctors office…I swear he is my biggest child in our house, LOL. And the ‘cast maker’ was the best!! He made the experience fun but also some good ‘life talk’ , lol. Isn’t it such a blessing to come across people who you can tell love their job!?! Thats what it should be for all us.

Well…a few weeks with the cast on and hopefully it heals correctly. Love you BB!!!

XO ~D~