Princess Blayke

1 Samuel 1:27

For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.

Blayke Photo Shoot

My heart has always been drawn to kids and I know I have been given a special gift with children. When I saw Adam had this same gift, I knew I would marry this man. We both knew we wanted to have kids but never imagined being faced with the challenges it would take to actually have kids. I will never understand why WE were faced with this challenge,  but I know God had his purpose and it defiantly drew Adam and I closer to Him.

We tried for about 2 years before we actually received a positive pregnancy test (via IUI). I will never forget this day! It was the official “pee test” morning. I wake up, do my thing (pee on a stick) and wait…wait..wait. Adam is in the other room ironing his shirt….and the waiting time was up. “ADAMMMM!!!” I start screaming…I am shaking like crazy! (I do not think he realized I was awake yet and already peed on a stick, lol). As I run into the other room, he is like “what????” (clueless).  I showed him the stick and said “it’s POSITIVE!!”. His face….excited, shocked, scared, thrilled, nervous! He said well maybe you should pee on another just to make sure. We had never seen a positive test before so we knew how upsetting it can be to not see what you have been praying for, so I guess it was a good suggestion from Adam….to be sure. But trying to pee again just was not happening. I drank water, orange juice, and more water…finally after about  1.5 hours we received another positive! Called the doctor, went and did blood work, and we had a REAL POSITIVE!!! This was really happening! WE ARE PREGGO’s! WE WERE HAVING A BABY BUZZ!!

Blayke positive TestsWeeks go by and its finally time to do our first ultrasound! Are we actually going to finally see our little baby Buzz?? Our sweet little Blayke Louise floating around in a bubble ☺ Something so blurry never looked so beautiful. We finally received our answered prayers! God is so Good!

Blayke's UltrasoundI was blessed with a great pregnancy. I was never really sick, though I constantly had crackers everywhere (ha)…I actually loved being pregnant. Such an incredible feeling and miracle to have a baby growing inside you.

Blayke Louise was born on April 5th.

I will never ever forget this day. It is exactly what every mother says… ‘having a child is a different kind of love, unconditional love, and it is a love you will not understand until you have your own’. THIS IS SO TRUE! How can one little amazing baby INSTANTLY make you fall in love. It is such an incredible feeling! I do not know how people can go through life not believing in something ‘bigger’. Being pregnant and having a baby is a complete miracle from God. This day was so emotional and I do not think I have ever felt more loved by my wonderful husband than on this day.

I recommend all moms get the Project 365 app on their iPhone. I took a picture of Blayke every day for the first year of her life and I look back at it all the time…she is now 3.5 years old

Project 365 App

Project 365 2

There were defiantly moments in our baby challenges that I thought we would actually not be able to have our own child. But God heard our cries out to Him and chose to bless us on His time. We are so very grateful for his blessing. Life surely changed once Blayke came into our world and we cannot thank God enough for what He has entrusted us with.

If you were to ask anyone to describe Blayke they would more than likely tell you she is a “little princess who always has a bow in her hair”…they might even say a little bossy, lol. But she is perfect in every way!

Through the years…..OUR Little Bow Princess.

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