Back to School 2022-2023

ANOTHER SCHOOL YEAR!!! This one is a big one, well at least for Blayke. She started 6th grade, which means MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!! She absolutely LOVES it! She loves the ‘more freedom’ she has from switching classrooms, walking to lunch on her own, and of course her locker, lol.

The quints are now in 2nd grade! This school year we have two different teacher: Riley, Olivia and Parker are together and then then Ava & Hazel are together. They are loving their teachers and getting to see all their friends again.

We captured a few videos that we shared on the vlog….like school supply shopping and then our annual back to school q&a.
Back to school shopping was a ‘fun one’. LOL! I told Adam I wanted to split them up by classrooms and shop that way so I could manage it better and make sure they all got what they need to have … but then he said ‘well thats no fun! where is the chaos in that?’ SO off to Target we went as a family of 8 to shop.

BACK TO SCHOOL Q&A is a must have to capture… we do this every year. It is so funny to see them change and how they answer the questions. Growing up fast.

Love these little ladies of mine. Praying for a safe school year!

XO ~D~