Holidays 2022

Playing catchup here on the blog and wanting to make sure to add in our 2022 holiday season into this “memory keeper” of mine.


We stayed home this Thanksgiving and enjoyed lots of traditions. If you now us, you know us Busbys love some games and good ‘ol competitions. We taught the girls and the cousins how to play Left Right Center (it’s a simple and easy dice game us adults love to play with real money) and allowed them to all play with real money. So we had a total of 10 kids, each start with $3…so at the end of game, one of them would win $30!!! Which was so fun and quite a bit of money for some little kiddos.
Here is a video to checkout the fun hecticness!

***For more of our Fav Family games, check out this link ***


Oh! Christmas Season! We love it so much and always have so many birthdays, events and parties. It really is the best season of all. We chose to stay home this holiday too and really did have a new feel to Christmas this year. The girls are getting bigger and we are trying to really make our own traditions and stick with them.

One thing we started a few years ago is “Secret Sister”. The girls each pick a sisters name from a hat and they shop for that sister and keep it a secret till Christmas morning. THIS is one of my favorite things we do! I love seeing the struggle of them TRYING to keep it a secret, TRYING to buy for not themselves, and then my fav part is seeing them gift their secret sister on Christmas morning. Watching their expressions and seeing the love between them all in these moments is so beautiful. I love seeing what they pick for each other….although…some of them #Riley really had a hard time buying for something her sister actually has an interest in and not herself!!! So funny!
Check out our Secret Sister Shopping Video!

There were lots and lots of great Christmas memories made, and you can find more of that on our YouTube channel too. BUT this year, we stayed home because we had a FUN SURPRISE GIFT for the girls….a little RoadTrip….Check it out!!!

XO ~D~