Being a Mom, what a gift I will never…or atleast i hope i never, take for granted. It is such a huge responsibility that i cant believe i actually have been given. Children, though they can be trying at times, are a true gift from God. I remember over 16 years ago praying and praying for years to have children. I was even being upset and frustrated, actually flat out mad at God because “how was this possible?? For a couple like adam & I to struggle to have a family??”. I would have NEVER thought THIS (infertility) would be part of my journey… but, the Lord knew what He was doing. He knew I needed to face this path of struggle , to find Jesus. And though the Lord sent me through infertility to find Jesus, He still had more in store for me to discover. Little did I know I would not necessarily have a hard time having a sibling for our daughter, but we would be faced with an extremely high risk pregnancy carrying quintuplets. (This still blows my mind that this has been Gods plan for  my life, lol). Carrying all girl quintuplets lead me down a path of fully letting go of my controls & desires, to fully trusting and relying on God 100% day by day. Something i thought I was already doing ever since I found Jesus, got baptized as a believer and continued to live life as a Christian..but little did I know how much more there was to know. This was another season God was sending me through to show me just how GRAND He was, and is. And once again, little did I know how spiritually & life changing this season of carrying quintuplets and then going through the NICU with 5 babies would  be for me! H.A.R.D.E.S.T part of my life, but also the most beautiful part of my life. I not only knew God, I was living experiencing Gods presence fully every day and night as I learned to let go and surrender. 

So now (speeding up this story a bit faster), here I am getting to celebrate my 13th Mother’s Day with my 13 yr old Blayke and 9 years with Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley and Parker Kate. We happened to be in Indianapolis for the Indy Race and we stayed an extra day to celebrate Mother’s Day. All 8 of us went to the Indianapolis Zoo and then had a fun dinner at Sugar Factory, it was a great spot for a Mom with a bunch of girls because there were a lot of cute decorative walls to capture a bunch of pictures. You know us girls, love us a cute back ground photo opportunity LOL!

To my girlies….

Blayke Louise

My first baby girl who made me a Mama. You will always be my baby and I love the little lady you are growing up to be. I love you for YOU; the funny, witty, sassy little teenager you are turning into. I love our solo car rides back and forth to school, because it is just us. I love how we have our ‘fav spots’ and little traditions we do every year just us. You showed me a new meaning of love when you came into this world. Thank you for being such an ‘easy’ first baby and helping me learn the way of Mommin. I love you most!

Ava Lane

My heart will always have an extra-extra sensitive spot for you ever since you were born; being in isolation when you was in the NICU gave me a weakness for you. You are so loving and silly, everyone’s best friend…but also pretty sensitive, full of attitude and emotions. But all that makes you, YOU and I love your ‘emotional high maintenance’ self. You wanted the red carpet rolled out for you from day one coming home from NICU and you haven’t changed one bit! I love you Ava Lane!

Olivia Marie

My little lovey-dovey baby girl. Always hugging me, always wanting to hold my hand, and always wanting to sit or be by me.  You are always making me laugh, like always! I love your personality, your everyone’s best friend and your heart is full of empathy for others. I learn so much from you because you have so many traits that are the opposite of me. I love you big LuLu.

Hazel Grace

My little one that is always smiling, always happy, always helping, and always in la-la land. You crack me up with how free spirited you are. You are so loving, always giving me hugs any time you see me…I love that about you! You can make anyone smile by just smiling at them. You have always been so strong and dont hold grudges one bit, and I love this about you. I love you Hazel Basil.

Riley Paige

My little firecracker ! The little love of mine that I but heads with the most, because you are too much like me (LOL). I love your energy, your spunkiness, your boldness, your wittiness, and your leadership. You are full of question and I love how you are constantly wanting to know everything about everything. You are independent and you are a girl that knows what she wants!! I love when i get to have a mommy daughter date with you because you are non stop entertainment. You make me laugh & smile so much Ri Ri, I love you so much!

Parker Kate

My ‘baby baby’, the official baby of the family. You my girl…your confidence has grown tremendously, that some days it’s hard to remember that you used to be so shy and anxious. I love your freckles on your pretty little face so much…it reminds me of me because i have all those freckles too. I love that you love fashion and always want to go to the Shop with me. You are ultra talented & a perfectionist with anything you do. I love you so much PK! 

I’m still in awe of the path God has put me on. A story of infertility for years, to being blessed with six daughters.  It’s overwhelming some times to actually process the responsibility I have been given. I know I cant do this life alone and Lord, I pray I can continue to seek you for strength, wisdom and guidance as Adam & I raise these daughters of ours. Thank you for trusting in this journey. Amen.