Quints Make Tie Dye T-Shirts

I am always looking for fun NEW activities to do with the girls and when the girls school was having spirit week, we took on a fun project for “Tie Dye Day”.

The Quints got a Tie Dye kit for their Birthday from Aunt KK and it was such a great crafty gift. This kit came with instructions on what to do BUT as a Mom of 6, I was thinking… how can I make this project the LEAST MESSIEST. SO “hello Pinterest” hahaha.

I found a pretty easy method with ICE, and I think the shirts all tuned out great. See below the items I used and what we did 🙂

Items needed:
1. Tie Dye Kit (From Michaels. Loved this kit because it had 18 different colors to use.)
2. 100% Cotton Blank T-shirts (You can get these on Amazon, at Target or Walmart)
3. Wire Oven Rack
4. Baking Dish / Oven Tray (This is to catch the melted ice to make less of a mess)
5. ICE ( I purchased a bag of ice from convenient store, but you could use your freezer ice if you wish.)

Step 1: Prepare your Shirt
Get the shirt completely wet and wring out most the water. Scrunch the shirt up and place it on the oven wire rack that has been placed over the baking dish (so it can catch the melted ice mess).
The more you scrunch up, the more white lines you will have throughout the shirt.

Step 2: Cover shirt with ICE
Place all the crushed ice all over the shirt

Step 3: Apply Dye Powder
Sprinkle the tie dye color all over the ice. Use however many colors you wish, and sprinkle away.

Step 4: Let colors Soak
Let the colors soak in as all the ice melts. Best results are to let it sit 6-8 hours. The longer it soaks, the more intense the colors will be.

Step 5: Rinse, Wash and Dry
When you feel the ice is all melted and the color has soaked long enough, rinse the shirt until the water runs clear. Then wash and dry alone.

Watch our video of us making the Tie Dye Shirts.