Quint Kindergarten & 4th Grade for Blayke

Year 2020… I don’t even know what to say to you, lol. A year I personally, as a mom, had been so excited about because this year meant ALL SIX girls in SCHOOL 5 days a week. #mamafreetime YEAH RIGHT! LOL, That was only a dream. But as we all know, Corona Virus spread into the United States and this forever changed school….and well… it actually changed everything!

So the start to this exciting school year of Blayke starting 4th grade and the Quints starting Kindergarten …. was quite different than what we expected. With so many different variables, a LOT of unknowns for this school year, and SO MANY decisions to make from virtual school to brick and mortar….we felt it was best to keep the Quints in private school and let Blayke start school virtually, with hopes to go to brick and mortar once the district had things ‘figured out. So that’s what we did.

Blayke’s First Day of 4th Grade.
She was so surprised and excited about her desk for her room
Quints first day of Kindergarten. So excited about their backpacks…
even though they can’t use them yet at private school.

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Well… cheers to 2020 School Year! May we all learn something 😉