Hurricane Laura Aftermath

It’s been a few days since #HurricaneLaura hit our home town of Lake Charles. It is so devastating. All of our friends and every single family member we have in Lake Charles has been impacted in some way by Laura, with many & most loosing everything! Every business and structure in Lake Charles has been damaged. The city is destroyed! AND there is NO POWER! NO WATER! and it is going to take weeks to get it working because the facilities have been completely demolished.
*YALL!!! Lake Charles NEEDS HELP* 

There was a chance Hurricane Laura was going to head to Galveston / League City area, so Adam & I had planned to evacuate west with the girls. But if you know hurricanes, you know their paths change so much as they get more inland. Though the storm spared us and stayed East, it just completely demolished Lake Charles (our home town). Nana, Papa, Grandma and Kayla & girls all evacuated to our house after we saw Laura was going to go straight over them. Thankful everyone is safe, and that is what is most important. Nana & Papa, Grandma, Kayla & David and the girls.. along with all our Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and so many friends have SO MUCH TO REBUILD. The whole entire city needs to be rebuilt.


My sister Ashley (Aunt LiLi) has decided to transform her hair salon, Heist Hair Bar, Waiting/Reception Area into a Donation Collection Site. What better way to utilize and FILL a space she currently can’t use due to COVID to show our LOVE💖and SUPPORT🙏🏻for our neighboring state that helped us so much after Hurricane Harvey.
✨YOU MUST WEAR A MASK✨to enter the Salon to drop your donations or you may leave it by the front door for us to retrieve.  ✨As of now, Donations will be accepted during business hours at Heist through 9/12/2020. 
If you feel obliged or moved to contribute, any of the following items would be greatly appreciated:

– masks 
– 5 gallon gas cans 
– 5 gallon water jugs 
– portable phone chargers (charged and ready to use)
– Rubbermaid containers 
– Buckets
– bug spray
– generator
– ac wall unit
-cleaning supplies (mold or all purpose cleaner, construction grade utility trash bags)
– Bleach
– Hand sanitizer
– Antibacterial soap
-chainsaw blades 
– tarps
– plywood
– roofing felt
– roofing nails
– Paper towels
– Gloves (garden and disposable)
– Flashlights
– Batteries
– Nonperishable foods
– snack food items
– bottled water 
– Baby Wipes
– Diapers
– Feminine products
– Deodorant
– Tooth brushes & tooth paste
– Dry shampoo

Heist Hair Bar
c/o Hurricane Laura
1249 FM 518 Road
Kemah, Texas 77566

AMAZON SHOPPING LIST for the list of donations requested:

*If you are not local and wish to send monetary donations, we are working to find an organization that we feel is best to help contribute to. Stay tuned and I will provide a link that will directly support Hurricane Laura Aftermath.

Eight Days of Hope is heading to Lake Charles!! YAY! Adam and I worked with Eight Days of Hope during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey over here in League City. It is a wonderful, well ran organization. If you are feeling called to volunteer to help rebuild Lake Charles, please visit their website to sign up.

I pray all us around can ‘BE THE CHURCH’ and come together in community to pray, serve, give and be there for one another. 

Isaiah 43:2 “When you go through deep waters, I will be there with you”

Please Spread the Word & SHARE!!