Summer Kickoff – Splashway Vacay

Summer is now in full swing and it’s now time to go have some fun in the sun with our family.  Over the last few weeks we have been asking the girls about what they would like to do this summer and the consensus between the girls was Splashway Waterpark!

Last summer we took the kids to Splashway Waterpark and they had an absolute blast, so we knew that this place would be at the top of their list.  We have taken the girls to other water parks in the past, but Splashway is done right!  Everything on the grounds is all about Family and spending quality time together.  Our girls love being outdoors, s’mores by the campfire and finding insects in the woods.  And the waterpark that is attached to the campgrounds is just the icing on the cake. Our hot summer days in Texas making a waterpark a must have adventure.

We love all of the options that we have with staying at Splashway. From their bunkhouses to cabins, cottages, RV spots and even places to bring a tent and camp out. This year Adam’s mom and dad (Nana & Papa) wanted to bring their new RV with them and camp out. It worked out so perfect because Nana & Papa were able to get the RV spot right next to the bunkhouse where we were all staying.  This made evening cookouts and s’mores by the fire super convenient.

We knew with the quints just turning six years old, this year was going to be different with the possibility of being able to ride slides in the park that they have not been able to ride last year.  We love seeing them push themselves and conquer fears.  This week we were able to see two of the quints in particular, tackle their fears head on and ride with mommy and daddy on the “big kid slides.” This was a highlight of our trip!

Each day we would have breakfast at the bunkhouse and hang out for a bit with family before heading off to the Waterpark.  We stay at the park all day until it closes, and then take advantage of some of the other fun activities around the grounds.  This year we were able to do a few other activities that we had not done in past trips; the jumping pads, putt putt, and laser tag!

The jumping pads were a new attraction for this year.  It’s like a giant bounce house with no walls.  The kids loved to race from one side to the other. 

I’m not really sure what I was expecting with laser tag, but they made it extremely entertaining with the different types of games you could play.  It felt a lot like you were in a video game! Playing at night was a great call from the staff working on site.  The dark, coupled with the different colored lights definitely added to the experience.

We always kept putt putt open as an option, just in case the kids ever wanted to leave the water park a little early one day, but leaving early…. never happened.  However, we did end up going on the last morning to play putt putt because of the chance of rain that day. Trying to keep up with six kids on a putt putt course can get pretty confusing, but also very entertaining.

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Check out our videos we captured during our vacay!

All in all, our first trip to Splashway to kick off our Summer was a huge success! We already have planned our next trip back and have invited more friends to come with us.

XO ~D~