Quint Kindergarten & 4th Grade for Blayke

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Year 2020… I don’t even know what to say to you, lol. A year I personally, as a mom, had been so excited about because this year meant ALL SIX girls in SCHOOL 5 days a week. #mamafreetime YEAH RIGHT! LOL, That was only a dream. But as we all know, Corona Virus spread into the United States and this …

Hurricane Laura Aftermath

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It’s been a few days since #HurricaneLaura hit our home town of Lake Charles. It is so devastating. All of our friends and every single family member we have in Lake Charles has been impacted in some way by Laura, with many & most loosing everything! Every business and structure in Lake Charles has been damaged. The city is destroyed! …

Quarantine Birthdays Q&As

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APRIL! The month we look forward to every year because its the month we get to celebrate the BIRTHDAYS of ALL SIX of our girls. We had BIG EXCITING plans… but then COVID happened and we basically were on a ‘stayhome’ order and couldn’t go anywhere. Heartbreak!!! I hated this for our girls. But thankfully they were so understanding of …

Grace During Quarantine

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It is not easy being a busy working Mom of six, especially in our current days of being quarantine with COVID19. We have now approached our third week of  ‘stay home’ restrictions (or fourth week…I can’t keep up anymore…what’s today?? Who knows, lol), trying to still do all the Mom/Wife/House duties, new working routine for me, and lastly… home schooling six girls… …

Thanksgiving 2019

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This Thanksgiving was an interesting one. After having surgery two weeks ago, having to go back to the doctors office a week after surgery with complications, to then getting and infection….celebrating Thanksgiving wasn’t looking to good for me. But thankfully our family pulled it together! Adams parents and one of his sister’s family decided to come us this year, then …

Monday Meal: Breakfast Casserole

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This weeks Monday Meal is a super easy one! We love to break this recipe out especially during holiday season when everything is extra busy. We also love breakfast for dinner and with all the eggs and sausage, its got an adequate amount of protein that makes me happy. Breakfast Casserole XOXO ~D~ Please share our Story…FacebookPinterestRedditTwitteremailLinkedin

Attitude of Gratitude

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Do you ever just find yourself in a grumpy mood? Sometimes I can’t put my finger on the exact cause…maybe just a mix of rollercoaster hormones, a messy house, a long to-do list, and plain ole’ exhaustion…but I let all these things contribute to my bad mood and it makes it hard to appreciate the good things in life sometimes! And when …

Mamarella Pizza Night

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After watching last night’s episode of OutDaughtered, it made me laugh because… well that’s what is for dinner tonight!! LOL Red Baron Pizza is 100% our go-to pizza, mainly because my Grandpa “Pops” swore by Red Baron. It was the only frozen pizza he would buy, lol. But… we sure do love our pizza nights, mostly because, Mom here, knows it will be …