My Quint Bump is Poppin’

I wanted to start sharing my weekly Quint Bump growth because ..lets face it…who doesn’t want to see how crazy this fast growing belly is popping!! 🙂

Quint Bump: 12 weeks

Today was the first in about 11 days that I was actually able to get up and get dressed. I have been so sick with fever, aches and pains, coughing, congestion and puking. BUT I have managed to get the last day of my 12th week in before it was too late 🙂


This bump is crazy to me! I literally looked this big when I was about 6 months preggo with Blayke! CRAZY!!! And all I can think about is when Bryce sees me at the end…she is going to explode on how big I get this go around, lol.

This is defiantly all around a different pregnancy than my previous. I still can’t believe there are FIVE…FIVE BABIES in my belly. It is very difficult to hide the bump at this point. I think I have pretty much maxed out the times I can pull off the “I can’t button my pants so I will use a rubber band to hold it together”….I hear the maternity pants calling my name….and its ONLY 12 weeks! 😉 I still don’t think I have felt any of them move around yet, however…..It totally feels like I have 5 roundish hard objects inside. Its weird, lol.

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