Quint Bump Poppin at 16 Weeks

Quint Bump at 16 Weeks

I am a few days behind with posting my weekly pic, but here is my Poppin 16 weeks Quint Bump. Not too much has changed since last week. I still feel about the same…same amount of pains. I discovered laying down with a pillow under my hips relieves a lot of the lower pressure…so I am laying down “hips up” a few times a day, lol. One thing that is getting harder to do is getting dressed, lol, well mostly putting shoes on. This shocks me big time…its only 16 weeks and its hard to put shoes on….really?!?! YEP! LOL

Well onto the next week of growing 5 babies 🙂 Let’s Do this…well Let ME do this 😉