Quint Bump Poppin at 27 Weeks


I can not believe I still feel this good at 27 weeks! Since I have been in the hospital, I actually do not feel that any pain or anything has really changed since I got admitted two weeks ago. I am definitely able to ‘do less’ here which has helped a lot. The Quints heart rates are still looking fabulous and I am still not having ANY contractions!! I do not have any swelling yet in my hands and feet…but my face….gewwwwww….I feel like it looks huge, ha. I’m so thankful for my answered prayers though, God is Good!

This week is huge to me! One more week till I reach the Doctors goal of 28 weeks! ONE MORE WEEK! I honestly feel that I can totally make MY goal of 30 weeks…WE CAN DO IT! WE CAN DO IT!  I never would have thought months ago that I would be feeling this good….and I honestly give all the credit to my God. He has listen to my everyday prayer and He is working miracles through me. I am so thankful for this wonderful Hospital and team of people here, they truly all are amazing.

There have been, I think, 2 days…well..in the evenings… when I have gotten emotional. I am totally ok with being by myself  but the hardest part is when Adam and Blayke go home after visiting in the evenings.  I miss cuddling with my Blayke while she drinks milk before bed and mostly putting my little princess to bed…which was my ‘thing’ every night. ♥ When I hear Blayke say the words ‘Mommy, I miss you’…that of course gets me every time. I miss my Buzz ♥…. being able to just be home with him, watch tv together, get on each others nerves (lol),  and just have my husband around like normal instead of ‘visitations’ (ha). This is funny…but true….I was watching Justin Timberlake ♥ give his speech at the I Heart Music awards last night…and Justin made the same face Adam does when he makes a ‘smart comment’ and then laughs at himself…..I literally was like….OMG! That’s Adams smirk. *tear *miss my Buzz 😉

I do have to say though… I am so very proud of the husband I have. I couldn’t have asked for a better Dad for our Blayke, and our Quint-pack to come. He truly is the best! (One of the reasons I fell in love with this guy…his heart and love of kids♥). He now has to pick out Blaykes outfits all by himself ….HAHAHA!.. I tell him ‘You are safe with a dress Buzz..just put a dress on her’. It cracks me up because Adam is always so well dressed (even to go get milk at the store 😉 )  and he thinks is hard to pick out outfits for Blayke, lol. Makes me laugh. He had it easy getting her dressed this last week because he just took out the clean outfits in Blaykes bag from when she came back from her little vacation in Louisiana. HAHAHA!! Buzz also knows how to do pony tails, and usually they are better than mine. I told him the other day, it’s going to be funny one day having all 6 girls line up and have Daddy do their hair, haha. Can you imagine, lol.  I love you Buzz!!!

Well my head is positive and my heart is strong and trusting in God. Let’s get through this week and push on for 2 more weeks!!!