Happy 2nd Birthday Busby Quints

Happy 2nd Birthday to our precious quints! I can not believe the last two years we have had with all of you. You all have changed our lives dramatically but I honestly cannot remember life before you all. We are so proud of the five of you and how you each have overcome so many milestones in the last two years. I never would have imagined five preemie babies born at 28 weeks and 2 days could look and be so healthy at two years old. You all are amazing little miracles and we love each of you to pieces.


Ava Lane
Sweet little baby. Still the biggest (chubbiest) of the bunch. She still loves her Mommy the most. I have to admit, Mommy here sure does have a hard time not picking her up when she begs to be picked up…. but every time Ava wants to be held or picked up, I can’t help not pick her up because I always think back to the NICU days when she was isolated when she got an infection…and it was “less” time I got to hold her…so when she ask, my heart gives in super quick. Ava loves to play with Blayke’s old doll house, she could sit there for hours and be happy. She loves to give a big giddy cheese face with her big ‘ol front teeth (it’s so cute). She loves bread, carb eater right there, lol. She has some sass and a bit of an attitude, but she loves to be goofy too.

Olivia Marie
Goof ball still of the bunch! She loves to play chase and run back in forth even when no-one is chasing her. She loves baby dolls. She is probably the best veggie eater of the bunch and will try pretty much anything…she even tried and loves sardines. OMG! Nasty. She doesn’t get jealous much, but if she sees Ava getting cuddled, she instantly needs cuddles too. She reminds me of Blayke when Blayke was a toddler and would just talk talk talk in her own language haha. It’s so funny. Olivia loves to laugh and make people laugh. All around happy baby but definitely goes to war the most with Riley.




Hazel Grace
Need I say anything more than this girl is just pure sweetness. Soft spoken, loveable and care free. But don’t let her full you too much….she has a bit of a temper in her when she gets mad. She will scream loud like no other. She plays best with Ava but rather be off on her own away from the wildness her sisters bring hahaha. Hazel loves to sing! She is always singing something and even sings herself to sleep. She loves to repeat anything we say especially if I am telling one of her sisters no…Hazel is quick to repeat “Riley Paige, no mam!” haha.

Riley Paige
Oh Riley! You are your Daddy’s daughter for sure! Thank goodness we only got one of you in the quint bunch…lol! Riley is extremely smart, cute and loveable. She is the social butterfly in the bunch and needs…let me rephrase that…she requires attention. She loves to tattle tell, even when it’s her fault and she instantly blames it on someone else. If someone does something wrong, she is first to tell us. She wants to be the boss baby but her other sisters trump her for being the boss and she doesn’t like it, lol. She has NO fear and is a dare devil.





Parker Kate
Still holds title to ‘sporty spice’… but this girls LOVES her some lip gloss and makeup. She is very stern and strong-willed, but also very anxious and nervous in new places. Nothing phases her as she is a lot like her Momma with her “whatever face” or the “so what” face. She reminds me of me quite a bit, lol. Can’t wait till she is a teenager , ut oh! Lol. Parker loves her Daddy the most and wants to be with him all the time. She has the most beautiful little grin and loves to pose all the time. She is so interested in everything. She always asks “what’s dat Mommy?” and you better answer her because she will just get louder and louder repeating the question…lol.

Thank you Aimee Fuller Photography for their two year old photo session ♥


Lord, we praise you for the healthy two years you have given us with our quints. We pray that you continue to watch over our daughters and pray for continued health. We pray for guidance and wisdom as parents, so that we may make the best choices for our daughters. Protect them in the days and years to come from the bad in this world . Thank you for your love and grace. Amen.







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