Waterpark Adventure



Before we had the quints, we visited Palm Beach at Moody Gardens literally every weekend with Blayke. She absolute loved it … and still does. We definitely miss all our ‘easy weekend trips’ when we only had one kiddo, because now just a simple day trip is a LOT OF WORK!! haha 😉  With the summer being half way over, we finally got ‘brave enough’ and took the five little toddlers to the waterpark. We know how much Blayke and the Quints love the water, so it was no doubt in our minds they would have fun… it’s just the ‘parent’ side of doing something like this that is hard. You know…like all the prepping you have to do to get out the door (times 6), all the stuff you have to bring (times 6) and then all the none-stop-eye-panning you know you will be doing 24-7 while your at the water park… and then the thoughts of ‘will I actually enjoy this or stay in panic mode’ because there is water and tons of other people around…hahaha. #parentlife



The one thing I miss the most about the ‘easier life’ is just this…getting out and doing normal fun day trips. It is a challenge to do something so small, like take a day trip to a water park…or even simply go to the park when you have one 6 year old, and FIVE 2 year olds. BUT we have to remember that this is our life now and we must push ourselves as parents to get out of OUR comfort zone and let our kids be kids, enjoy kid stuff just like any other kid…just like what Blayke had. We love seeing all their happy faces when they get to get out of the house…it really does warm our hearts. Knowing they went from being born at 28 weeks and 2 days old, 2 lb little NICU babies .. to splishing and splashing a the water park like any other 2 year old..is a PURE BLESSING FROM ABOVE!

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