Quint Bump Poppin at 28 Weeks

28 weeks!!!

WOW! We did it! Can not believe the big milestone has arrived.

Thank you Lord for watching over me and the quints and letting us achieve 28 weeks safely.

The last few days I have been feeling a bit different. I am definitely starting to feel more and more pains, especially on my sides…ligament pains…feels like someone is constantly pulling and twisting my sides. I used to only be able to sit / lay comfortably on my side with a pillow….now there is no position that is comfortable. My skin is starting to itch like crazy….that belly is growing! It doesn’t bother me all day but I do constantly put oil and cream on my belly….seems to be that I have an itch attack usually around 5am…drives me crazy!….so I usually get one good all over soft scratch in and then apply cream and hope to go back to sleep. It’s super hard to eat now…but I still have to take in those calories. Baby D and E love to stay in my ribs so breathing is difficult sometimes.

Last I checked I was up 53 pounds…wowzer!!!…my waist has grown almost 20+ inches (which 2 inches grew in like 6 days)….woah!...and my boobs…well no complaint there, lol 😉

We plan to do an ultrasound this week but not sure when. Last one we did was last Thursday and all babies weighed over 2 pounds, except baby C was right under 2. So they all look great! So proud of each of them!! Growing and sharing all those 4500 calories pretty equally.

Now that we have made it to 28 weeks, the big question everyone ask is “will the doctor schedule a date”. At this point I show no signs of needing to take the babies out so we go day by day until we see a reason. My blood pressure still looks great, no real contractions, still no swelling anywhere …except my face (lol), no bleeding, the babies daily monitoring look good…so we are just taking it one day at a time hoping to get to 30 weeks. Though….I do have to say…since I am starting to feel so much more pain, it makes wanting to get to 30 weeks a little less exciting, haha. BUT that doesn’t change my goal one bit.

I can’t express how grateful I am for God’s love. We wouldn’t be here and doing this great without Him. He continues to show me how to trust in Him more and more because through Him all things are possible.

Day by day…on to another week! It’s getting closer. Can’t wait to meet our baby girlies.