Quint Bump Poppin at 25 Weeks

I hit the 25 week mark on Monday….and did it while being at HOME!!! Love hitting a personal goal..even when that goal involves creating life for quintuplets in you belly 😉

A lot changed physically from week 24 to 25. It was the real first time I felt like ‘woah..this is different’. I am still able to get up and down, move around…maybe even vacuum a bit *wink *wink. What has felt different since last week??? A lot more lower pressure, my back is killing me big time, I see more swelling, walking..ugh! Just not fun anymore –even though I can still walk pretty well…doesn’t mean it feels good, haha. I almost feel like I’m at that point during a singleton pregnancy where you are in the last few weeks and you want to do anything to get the baby out…well thats about how I feel at this point BUT I know these little ones have to cook a LOT longer…so I’m up for the pain (should I even type that??? haha).

I think what has been a big change is my mental state, well…..emotional state. I knew I would be going to my doctor checkup on Tuesday with a high probability of being admitted to the hospital after the appointment. I haven’t really been emotional this whole pregnancy, which is unbelievable to me, but I think all those emotions poured out on Saturday, Sunday and Monday..haha (poor Buzz..sorry). ANY little thing made me cry..and once that started, it didn’t stop. (“Can’t stop once you start, it stings!”, lol ) I also think a big factor was not having Blayke around these few days. Though she is having a blast on her “LC spring-cation” I didn’t realize how hard it would be for me to not have her around these few days…..all I could think about was ‘when she comes back, I’ll be in the hospital!…and I won’t be coming back home until we are a family of 8!’ WOW!!! It’s hard to actually express what this feels like in words….just life is changing….C.H.A.N.G.I.N.G!!  With all these emotions…..I have “probably” lashed out on Buzz for few things..maybe even stupid things…but “Blame it on the rain, yea! yea!” (lol, song popped in my head)...jk…blame in to the hormones (how long does that excuse last????) 

Doc visit update:

Kell levels have NOT gone up, still at the lowest ratio, PTL! My Glucose results came back and were negative – NO gestational diabetes. My weight….boooo! I’m up 43 lbs, eeeeeeeeeeeek! which is actually good so it’s ok, lol.  We checked my cervix again since I had been having lower pains, but my cervix still looks good and no dilation. As for the ultrasound….it was HARD..hardest yet!! We got all the heartbeats, which looked good, and that’s about it. Looks like Baby C moved a bit over to the right and the twins have come down a bit further. Moving around! When we were checking my cervix (vaginal ultrasound) we could see one of the babies head with a perfect image of another babies foot…it was funny. But man! That little foot!…thats the foot I want to  know which baby it belongs to because it is the one that likes to play ‘kick Mommy’s bladder’!!! After the appointment we decided, even though I could probably do one more week at home, it was best if I go ahead and get admitted. So the day turned out to be really long and BUSY!

I am once again amazed at how my prayers are being answered one after another! God is GOOD! It is such a complete miracle I have done this well thus far, and I give You the credit Lord! I pray God will continue to protect our babies and allow them to stay a cooking for at least 3 – 5 more weeks…. and that each baby will share nutrition & medications that I will start to take; prayers for each Nurse and Doctor who will watch over me and babies during the hospital stay; and for my little family’s life transitions that are beginning.

On to another week!!! Lets Do This!!!