Can I Have A Food Break Please??

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Most days eating is like a chore….so much of a chore that I don’t even want to eat my favorite triple chocolate chuck ice cream Buzz bought me. I’m at the point where everyday I tell myself “Ugh! I wish I could have a break from eating”. And then today comes…Glucose test day. I was going to actually get a “break” from eating. Yay! Fasting after midnight and then nothing during the 2 hour glucose testing… this was like a huge break of eating.

Adam and I were watching the second season of Suits last night (you can never just watch one episode either..”just one more episode, just one more”…and then you have watched 4, lol) and since I had me a late 2 hour nap yesterday, I could not go to sleep. So right before midnight I had me some cereal and an ensure, of course. I thought for sure eating something this late would hold me over pretty well till the morning, hoping I wouldn’t get hungry in the middle of the night. I was wrong!!! 3:45am I wake up STARVING! Seriously!?! Of all nights, why this one! I then can not go back to sleep because my stomach is growling uncontrollably. Omg! Of all nights. A night I have to fast! Morning comes and I just want to pound down some pancakes, eggs, hash-browns….and Olive Garden…but I guess a “little sip of water” will suffice and mmmmmmm tooth paste never tasted so good.

Now, on to the appointment….

I have always had a sensitive nose but when I’m tired and hungry….I think that sucker works better than ever, lol. As I arrive to the lab to get this 2 hour glucose test going…EVERYTHING MY NOSE SMELLS makes me want to vomit: Rain! Ugh!, The elevator! Ugh!, The waiting room …OMG! The smell of TOO MUCH after shave, the smell of cigarettes, the smell of “close your mouth and breathe out your nose bc yo breath is natrocious!, the smell of ‘you need to take a shower’….you name it! The smell is in here! (Someone get me some food now!)
At this point all I can think about is actually being able to put something in my stomach and drink this “sugar gateraid”. At least it will be SOMETHING I can drink/eat.

Before this “heaven in a bottle drink” I have to have blood drawn first…5 valves. I’ve never been one to flinch or think giving blood hurts but when the person drawing takes 4 valves and then realizes she forgot to do one and resticks anther needle in the same spot to get that 5th valve…OMG! Let me re-emphasize this…tired! hungry! smells horrible back here! And NOW! Now I have to get poked an extra time…WHO IS GONNA LET ME PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE…bc that’s all I want to do right now…that second poke hurt like crazy! And I’m tough!!! But then some relief!! Glucose drink is here and it’s fruit punch! I can hear the sound of people signing in my head “ahhhhhhhh!” as the sugary drink goes down. mmmmmmmmm! As I try not to look ridiculous downing this “amazing” drink, I can just feel the rush of sugar getting to the quints ….kick, punch, roll around, kick, kick…I think you can get the idea…Wakey Wakey baby girls, lol. It felt so good to put something in my stomach!!  Now I wait for 2 hours…in a waiting room filled with ‘wonderful’ smells, sit in an uncomfortable chair…and get blood drawn every hour for 2 hours..Not fun.

So needless to say…what I thought I would enjoy…”a food break”…just can’t ever happen again!!!
Now for lunch…OLIVE GARDEN!! Chicken Alfredo, bread sticks and salad! Now that is something smells good, lol!