Quint Bump Poppin at 24 Weeks

♥ I MADE IT TO 24 WEEKS!!! ♥

I am so excited I have hit this milestone! 24 weeks!! At this point all the quints are viable if we had to deliver!! Such a great feeling knowing I made it this far. But still pushing for at least 6 more weeks…wanna get to 30!!

The past few days have almost been a game changer. I feel that I just do not want to stand up at all anymore. It is becoming pretty painful. However, I am still able to get up and do things here and there but I am at the point where I just don’t want to anymore. My belly is feeling so heavy, lol.

My doctor’s appointment today was great. Since it was just a weekly checkup we didn’t have to do all the full on measurements and everything that we normally do….which I was kind of glad because it just takes so long and I want to pass out a few times during the hour scan, lol. Today we focused on the twins (Ava & Olivia) because they are more prone to issues like twin to twin transfusion, and Baby C (Hazel Grace) because she is the sweetie pie that is all the way at the bottom. Today was the most we have been able to see from little Hazel, and she looked great ♥ All 5 heartbeats sounded great, all are moving around like little monkeys (which I of course can feel this 24/7), and no signs of twin to twin ♥ We checked my cervix today to see if it was changing and to see if my cerclage was holding up…all good!! Stitches are still in and cervix looked perfect (…if you can call a cervix perfect, lol).

The best news I got was when the Doctor asked ” Do you want to make it at home another week??” UMM YESSSSS!!!! SO GLAD I CAN GET ONE MORE WEEK AT HOME!!!! ♥

We had a few laughs at the appointment today. I made Adam fan me with a magazine, which was such  great idea..why haven’t I had him be my personal air conditioner every appointment?!?!?!  And when the Doctor wanted to look at my weight gain, he said ‘well you have quite a ways to go to get to 250 lbs!” I said “WHAT!!!!….sorry that won’t be happening!”…and we all laughed. Could you imagine!! I can’t. Now…don’t get me wrong, I’ll do whatever I have to for these quints but to gain that much weight is laughable…I am already at the most I have ever seen when I step on a scale….AHHHHH!!!  I was also told that the people at the hospital are anxiously awaiting my presence to arrive, lol….roll out the red carpet for this mamma, i’ll be there soon.

I am once again in awe and praising God for what He is doing and how He is answering my everyday prayers for the quints. I am beyond amazed at how this whole quint journey is going….it truly is a miracle.  Thank you all for your continued prayers, we are so thankful for each one of you!

On to another week:) Gotta get the big ‘ol hospital bag packed, fun!