Me, Five Babies, The Couch…and Hopefully Some Sleep

Wow! The last 15 hours has been crazy! On a day I think I’m tired… and then last night happens 🙁

For the past 2 days Ava, Olivia, Hazel and Parker started to come down with their first cold. (Yes! Thats 4 sick babies all at once….AHHHHHHH! No one wants to be at my house now, lol) Hazel and Ava have been the worse…poor babies… with runny noses, watery eyes and just not feeling well. Olivia has been a bit congested but same ‘ol happy self. Parker was fine until yesterday. She woke up from a nap and her eye was all goopy, super congested and just totally not herself.

Around 8pm last night we were getting all the girls ready for bed and their last feeding for the night. Same ‘ol normal hectic routine …until Parker decided to puke…everywhere. I instantly picked her up to make sure she wasn’t choking, and off to the bath tub. She proceeded to puke two more time. So I got a bit nervous and in the middle of our ‘hectic night time routine’, I decided I needed to take her to the Urgent Care. Luckily all the babies were going down pretty well so we put Blayke to sleep and off I went to Urgent Care with Parker.

Diagnosis at Urgent Care was that Parker had an ear infection. This was causing her to be so congested and throw up… Never knew you ear infection for babies can cause you to throw up, still learning new things every day 🙂 When we left Urgent Care I went to pick up her anabiotic so she could start it first thing in morning, got home around 11 PM and put Parker to sleep in her rock n play in our room. 11:30 PM to 7 AM I felt like I was up every 30 minutes because one out of the five babies either couldn’t breathe…or that “one” baby 😉 (…Riley Paige) just kept wanting her pacifier….so it was just nonstop. I felt like it was the ‘no sleeping stage’ like when we had all the babies first came home. Every time I got out of my bed for a fussing baby, I would hope it had been a good hour or two…nope just thirty minutes from the last time I got up.

Morning finally arrives…real morning…like you actually have to “get up” morning time…gave Riley and Parker a bottle since they were up around 7:30, after they eat… I “think” I have a bit of time before Blayke and other three babies get up so I try to close my eyes…then Blayke wakes up…time for her to have breakfast and get ready for school. On no sleep nights like this, I normally would pull a “let’s be lazy morning” but this morning Riley had her 6 month follow up visit with I HAD to get up and get Blayke to school on time…to get to appt on time.

On my way to cardi appt, I called the pediatrician so I could take Ava and Hazel in because they just sounded horrible this morning, and Ava started puking too 🙁 So after urgent care visit at 9pm and no sleep last night, I dropped Blayke off at school then headed to cardi appt for 1030am. Made it back home around 1pm, to prepare to take Ava and Hazel to doctor….which then Olivia started to have a low fever so called to get her in too. I had about 30 min before I had to leave…so I tried to close my eyes for atleast 15 minutes…passed out lol…love power naps! got up, loaded three babies into the van and off to dr office.

At the appointment for some weird reason all the babies are so happy, LOL ….quite strange …. I made a comment about letting them sleep there tonight because they were being so happy. Well long story short , Ava has an ear affection like Parker… which I figured since she had the same symptoms… they are now both on an antibiotic. Hazel checked out ok except she had a little bit a swollen vocal cord so she was given a steroid for a few days. Olivia was all good, no medicine needed for her. It’s now about 4pm and off to pharmacy and then home.

With all the dreadful things that happened today…there has to be something exciting right?!?! Well yep! There is!!! The exciting part about today was at the doctors appointment I discovered that Olivia has won the “who is gonna get the first tooth race”!!!! Olivia has her TWO…not one…but TWO BOTTOM TEETH ! I have been looking every day at each baby to see who is going to get the first tooth because they have all been teething. I can’t believe that Olivia has two! Yay! Livie! Ava has one just about to come out and Hazel didn’t have any out yet. When I got home…first thing I did was check the other two babies mouths…negative…only Livie!

Excuse the crusty nose…tried to get a picture of Olivia’s tooth…was only successful when she was crying, lol.

olivia tooth

Anyways….as miserable / tired / stressed as I have been all day…I wanted to pull the “time out card” so bad….BUT I am reminded that God gave me these girlies and I will do whatever I have to for them. HE WILL give me strength and energy for the day. Sometimes it’s the little things that help remind you that God is there with you….through it all. The song Move by Mercy Me came on radio as I was in car and the lyrics were just what I needed to be reminded of :

I’m not about to give up 

Because I heard you say

There’s gonna be brighter days

There’s gonna be brighter days

I won’t stop, I’ll keep my head up

No, I’m not here to stay

There’s gonna be brighter days

There’s gonna be brighter days

All so true, right?!?! We are at ‘challenge day’ and the brighter day will be here soon.

Thank you Lord for all you have done for me and how you continue to bless my family. We are forever grateful for your love.