6 Month Old Quints

Our Quints are 6 MONTHS OLD!!!!

Now that the girls are 6 months old…they have all been developing so great! Their pediatrician was impressed with their level of development and how chunky they have gotten (love me some chunky babies!!). They can all do belly time really well now, roll from tummy to back…..and ALMOST doing back to tummy, sitting up by themselves is still a work in progress, pulling toys/objects to their mouth, and of course they slobber and drool like dogs ;). Teething is definitely happening in this house….can you image how ‘fun’ this stage it hahaha.  We have hit a huge milestone….dropping the reflux meds!!! What this means in our house → NO MORE syringes everywhere, lol. This is huge! OMG! Makes me so excited! (Ava, Olivia and Riley have been on three different reflux meds twice a day and Parker and Hazel on one twice a day).  We are down to only Prevacid for all babies and it’s only twice a day, morning and night. No more 20-30 syringes of meds to clean everyday!!  We will continue with Prevacid twice a day for 2 weeks then drop it and see how the girls do without it. Let me just tell you how much easier this has already made feeding five!! I’m so excited we are out growing reflux. Now that it is RSV season, the girls all are getting the RSV shot. We divided up 3 then 2 babies to get the shots done. Sucks so bad to see them get shots, and they have to get this shot once a month through the season…not fun…but whatever helps the girls during this season, especially because they were preemies. Olivia, Parker and Riley went first…they look thrilled, lol. 3-at-RSV_web

Though the girls are 6 months old, we have decided not to start cereal or food yet just because we want them to be closer to their corrected age instead of actual age…plus since we are dropping the reflux meds, the pediatrician and I don’t want to make too many changes all at once. The girls eat every 3.5 hours at about 6-7oz of formula each feeding. No more breast milk 🙁 We cleared out all the frozen stash that was in the freezer a few weeks ago…sure did make me sad when the last bottle of breast milk was given 🙁  In about another month, we will step into the real food feedings. This makes me laugh already….can’t imagine how fun this will be. Adam and I been watching Quints by Surprise lately and the episode we saw the other day mad us laugh because they were feeding their quints food and it was a messy disaster, lol. It will probably drive me crazy the amount of mess that will come with feeding quints baby food, hahaha. The exciting new milestones to come ♥

Ava Lane = 13lbs 15oz
Ava-Dr_web Ava is definitely the ‘baby boss’ now….she is also known as the “bully” and she love her title 😉  She makes sure all her baby sisters know she is the BIG quint sister, haha. Whatever toy Ava wants..Ava gets. AND when the babies are all playing on the play mat, Ava is going to “hit” whoever is on her right and then when that baby has had enough and you pick her up, Ava will then hit whoever is on her left, lol. It is quite comical.

  (Do you see Olivia’s screaming face…and Ava’s “didn’t do it” face…lol)Ava-and-olivia_web


Olivia Marie = 13lbs 9oz
Olivia…this girl… ♥. You can not NOT smile when you look at Olivia. No matter what time of the day it is, Olivia will instantly smile with her big ‘ol dimples every time you look at her. She loves to laugh, and everything is funny to Olivia. She likes to talk a lot…I have a feeling she is going to be like Blayke and have her own baby language. Ava loves her Olivia. It is so sweet to see them sleeping and how they like to be swaddled and placed right next to each other …and if you don’t place them next to each other, they will find their way together …even when they are swaddled. Don’t know how they do it haha ♥♥

Hazel Grace = 12lbs 9oz 
Hazel is now the most chill out of them all…except when she is ready to sleep…then her world falls apart oh so fast.  She still has her Daddy’s temper 😉 so when she is mad and tired….EAR MUFFS!!! haha But usually after about 5 min of her realizing she could just close her eyes and go to sleep instead of crying, this happens (lol).Hazel-Sleeping_web  Someone Hazel is able to wiggle and maneuver around all by herself. No idea how she manages to wiggle off the play-mat and sometimes be in a spot she clearly was not near…haha. She may have a loud and annoying cry but her little voice is SO SOFT & SWEET.Her personality is starting to shine more and more each day…sweet little Hazel. ♥
Riley Paige = 12lbs .5oz (yep, thats 1/2 an ounce..gotta give little Riley credit for getting over 12 lbs, lol)
Riley…I don’t think this girl will ever lose her title of “high maintenance”. She is such a ham!!!! She STILL thinks she is the only child, lol.  AND she has some attitude… and yikes, she may get that from me 🙂 She doesn’t have a cry….she has a scream….and she DOESN’T stop till she gets what she wants! “Mommy! I want golden egg and I WANT IT NOW!!!!”…that is so Riley Paige ♥ One precious think about Riley is her smile. When this girl smiles…she smiles with her whole face not just her mouth.
 Riley-Big-smile_web   Riley-smile_web
You can not help but want to kiss her when she is smiling. She, like Hazel, has a super soft sweet voice too. xoxo

(A family walk to the park for Blayke and Riley got to be the first to swing while all the others slept.)



Parker Kate = 13lbs 3oz

Parker-Jungle-gym_web  Parker-DR_web

Parker is still such a great baby…pretty much still holds the title for being on the A+ team ;)…but as much as I would like to say she is the quiet baby….that no longer exist...haha. Parker has found her voice…and it is L.O.U.D! She LOVES to hear herself squeal. She always is smiling…happy happy baby. Her and Olivia will go back and forth squealing…especially in the evening and it’s an instant headache every night after about 10 min of loud squealing…it is funny though. I keep thinking she will be the first to have a tooth because her hands are constantly in her mouth. Parker loves to chew on our hands which then turns into her gagging herself, hahahaha.  I try my best to get her to chew on teething toys so she won’t spit up, but …always straight back to her hands, lol. Parker loves to sleep with arms up, no matter how you wrap her or place her down, she will end up with arms up.parker-sleeping_web

Blayke Louise

Blayke is really starting to love playing with her sisters now. They are at the age where they can smile and laugh with her and Blayke LOVES this. Her favorite thing to do now is help them roll over…Blayke laughs every time. Blayke loves holding her sisters, especially first thing in the morning when they wake up and right after school. Blayke-with-parker-and-riley_web  Blayke-feeding-hazel_web

It is so sweet to hear her talk to the quints and boy oh boy, do the quints love their Blayke…..they seem to be so amazed at Blayke ♥

(Look at Parker Kate…so happy to be watching Blayke)


She requires a lot of attention now days, which is understandable 🙂 We try everyday to make special time for Blayke. It can be the smallest things that make her feel special, as simple as a quick breakfast trip to donut place before school. We try to do as many fun things with her like going to the movies or going a big sister bowling date night too♥

Blayke-and-mommy_web Movies_web blayke-bowling_web Blayke-Bowling2_web

Love my big girl so much and so proud of her for being so great with so much change in her life.Bowling