We never would have guessed how many of our followers are cord cutters! We have been asking the network if we will be able to share any more full episodes with you and we got some GOOD NEWS!  We are able to post the full episode from last night FOR FREE!  Yayyy!  This has been one of the single most asked questions that we get now on a frequent basis and we have no control over being able to share any episodes for free.  They tell us that there is only a limited number of episodes that we can share and we were stoked to be able to share this one!

We think last nights episode was one of the funniest yet!  Watching Adam squirm with the vasectomy talk was just hilarious. We had some big ups and downs in episode 3 and were very happy with how it turned out!   It has been such a great experience with sharing our story with all of you on TLC and look forward to many more great opportunities to share our story with you in the future.  There are some very exciting things in the works!

Our show and our social media digital content has been doing very well!  It has been doing so good, that TLC has had to create our own OutDAUGHTERED Facebook Page (follow this link 😉 ) in order to bring you guys more exclusive content.  If you haven’t already liked the page, please go and like it(it helps us out a lot).  Ratings play a huge part of whether or not our show comes back for Season 2, but another big way is by liking our Social pages and viewing our online content on TLC.com/OutDAUGHTERED.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!  From following our story from the beginning, liking our pages, the great comments and messages that you have sent us, and Tuning in and supporting the show!  You guys are awesome and it encourages us sooo much!

Episode 3 of OutDAUGHTERED: Quintuple Trouble