Living the Hospital Bedrest Life

It’s been two full days that I have been admitted to hospital bedrest due to my quintuplet pregnancy. It honestly has not been bad at all. I am in awe with all of the wonderful nurses that have been taking care of me, it truly makes this journey here a lot easier. We have met most the Doctors that will work with our babies and we have really enjoyed each of them…but it has been a brain overload of information. So much knowledge to take in…but I’m so glad I’m here to receive all this info in advance so as more and more questions come up, we have time to get them answered.

Most of the day seems to go by pretty fast…thank goodness. My mornings usually start off with my vitals getting checked, my doctor has been stopping by in the mornings to see how I am, I eat breakfast, the nurse comes back about an hour later and we do the monitoring of the Quints, then I shower for the day and get dressed (which is funny, I get “dressed” in the hospital more than I did when I was at home…something to do I guess, lol)….next thing I know it’s lunch time. Half the day is already gone by 🙂 . So far every afternoon I have had a Doctor or Director from a unit in hospital come by to meet and talk about what is to come, etc….and then it’s late afternoon and I know Buzz will be coming to visit soon, after work. But I am really looking forward to next week when my little Blayke is back home…gosh! I miss her like crazy!!  I’m sure the daily “meet and greet” with Doctor/Director visit will slow down so the days might seem to last longer soon but this is week one here so it’s all new for me.

Night one I wasn’t able to sleep at all. However….guess who slept SO GOOD that night??? BUZZ! He probably hasn’t slept that good in months. He made me laugh when we spoke that morning and he was telling me how awesome he slept…hahaha. Good for him though, he needed it. I was on a 24 hour magnesium IV drip (this was to help the babies’ brain development incase we happen to have them before 28 weeks) and I had one dose of steroids to help babies lung development. The magnesium side effects were not fun! I had a horrible headache for the whole 24 hours, all the fluid made me puffy and swollen, it was uncomfortable literally having the IV in my arm but thank goodness this was only through one night. What was most annoying when trying to sleep was the sound of the IV machine!! OMG! I even had a noise machine on but I could not tune the stupid noise….grrrrrrr! On top of having 5 babies resting on my bladder, the IV fluids made me have to take “potty breaks” literally every 40 minutes, not cool. Around midnight, I ended up taking a super small dose of Ambein to try to sleep but I unfortunately didn’t really sleep at all. I was nervous to take a sleeping pill, even if it was such a small dose. All I could think about was when Katie took a dose of Ambien one night at the hospital when she was in labor with Graham, and it made her crazy…seeing monsters and dinosaurs coming out of the ceiling, lol. 

Night two went a whole lot better! I did have my second round of steroids for the babies which wasn’t bad at all. After my 24 hour magnesium drip was complete, I was able to take the whole IV port out my arm…which I was so excited about (no fun having a needle in your arm). I decided to take another small dose of Ambien to see if I could sleep better and …. Success!! I woke up twice in middle of night but I slept pretty great...given the circumstances, lol. But I have to say…this big ‘ol Back ‘N Belly pillow by Leachco makes getting cozy pretty easy ♥ I know..its a huge pillow…haha but it’s so worth it!! (Thanks Kylie for introducing this into my pregnant life, xoxo)

Cozy pillow

Baby monitoring consists of hooking up to three machines to chart all 5 heartbeats for about 10 minutes. We usually just do one heart rate at a time at my weekly doctor appointments so being able to hear more than one at a time is awesome!. Yesterday the little princesses were a bit difficult to get all monitored….they decided to move around from where we thought they were placed…so it was more challenging…but we got it 😉 But today they were right where we thought they were and it was super easy. This was the first time I literally heard ALL at the same time. I should have videoed it …dang it…but I did snap a picture of the machines.

heartrate monitored

We also monitor once a day to see if I am having contractions, and the monitor shows that I am not having contractions!!  Super awesome!…which I figured because I haven’t been feeling anything, but of course best to make sure.

The food has been pretty good….and with my calorie intake….4500 calories…. it’s funny ordering my food.. “whatever you want” is usually what I get when I go to order. hahahaha! I also keep the temperature ALL THE WAY down in my room….I’m hot all the time!!! One thing that makes the space in this room nice is the window I have. Im glad I have a window that has a “view”…and not looking at a parking garage, lol. Makes it seem like there are actual days and nights in here. I am still able to get up and walk around and do whatever, so Im taking advantage of that as much as I “can” because I know soon to come I will be more confined to the actual bed 🙁

All in all…the journey here at the hospital has been great. I feel really confident we are in the right place to welcome our little miracles to the world. I will be continuing to pray for all the hands that will be working on me and the babies.