Hospital Week 1 …. completed!

Mommy Blayke 32215I was so excited Sunday finally came around! My little Blayke was finally back home from her ‘vacation’. I missed her like crazy!! It was so good to have her little arms wrapped around me and I swear she grew so much in a week…lol. Being gone for a whole week was a long time away for me. I’m so glad she enjoyed her little vacation because it did make my transitioning into he hospital a lot easier for both me and Adam.

My first week in the hospital has not been bad at all. I think the one thing I miss the most already is just my home surroundings….just being home. It is definitely easier to ‘take it easy’ here at the hospital…I don’t have any temptation to do something that I probably shouldn’t do..haha. I have been sleeping off and on through the nights… some nights I wake up and can’t go back to sleep and then some nights I can. I have been getting horrible sinus headaches again… ughhhhhhhh!! it’s no fun!! I did get a humidifer today in my room so hopefully it will help me tonight. I regret not getting my sinus surgery done before getting pregnant….but that’s stubborn me….thinking it would just get better on its own..ha.

The monitoring each day it getting interesting. We have an idea of where each baby is located but there have been a few days where a baby or two have completely moved around. Little Baby D is really enjoying getting way up under my ribs. The twins (A&B) have moved over a tade to the left and down more, making Baby C come over a little more to the right…I’m hoping this is giving Baby C a bit more room. Baby E…she enjoys her location (ha)..I have a feeling she is going to be like me —> enjoying her own space and not wanting to cuddle with anyone, haha.

I feel like I am gaining a pound a day! Its insane! I hope all these pounds are getting spread out to the babies and not my legs and butt …. hahaha…honest statement right there! I have actually received a lot of complements on my belly from the nurses who do my monitoring …which I am pretty proud of it…so far. The Spoiled Mama Products are doing a GREAT JOB!! I’m going through that oil and butter like crazy. I have yet to get a stretch mark…however, I know the next few weeks my belly is going to grow at more of a substational rate, especially gaining  pound a day, yikes! So… I’m pretty sure the stretch marks will appear soon.

I stay by myself each night at hospital…I don’t need Adam to stay here…I got this.…plus…its not comfortable for him to sleep on the ‘couch’. And…as awesome and fun of a person I am 😉 …I’m pretty boring here just laying around in a bed.  My Mom came and stayed the weekend with me, which was nice. She brought cupcakes for the nurses…so I’m pretty sure that will have to come with her everytime she visits…. the nurses’ loved them some Jo’s Party House cupcakes…who doesn’t?!?! She stayed Friday and Saturday….on the ‘couch’….and I froze her out each night..hahaha.  I would wake up sweating and she would be covered in like 6 was funny. It was nice to have someone here in the night but it kind of made me sad yesterday when everyone left and went home and I was here by myself….especially once Adam and Blayke left…but I was so tired last night, I did go to bed early.

Lactation consultants came by to visit today and filled me in on some things I need to know when trying to pump after having premies. The consultants told me the best way to express colostrum is to do hand expressions…my first question was “what? how do I do that?”. Well they had the best answer!! They did hand me a pamphlet and said this is how, BUT it does come out / work better if your husband does it for you! OH AWESOME!!! lol, CAN NOT WAIT to tell Adam he gets to ‘milk me’…hahahaha!! We both laughed as I told him the story. Good times!

My blood pressure is SLOWLY going up each day, but nothing alarming. Still no contractions and the babies heart rates still look great.♥ I am feeling pretty confident I will make it thought the next two weeks…I WILL get to 28 weeks!!  …and of course my goal of 30 weeks would be so awesome, and Im not changing my goal, but I can tell things are getting harder so anything after 28weeks is a bonus!