Cake for a week!

There is one week a year where I feel like all we eat in this Busby house is cake, cake, cake…and more CAKE! When April comes along, its our B.U.S.Y month…or shall I say at least the busiest week of our year… because its birthday week for all 6 of our girls. Blayke’s birthday is three days before the quints birthday, and with all the special celebrations we do…we literately have a week of cake!

There have been a couple of birthday celebration where we have combined Blayke and the quints party but most times we celebrate Blaykes on a different day. But when we go pick up birthday cakes, its a one and get it done kind of day. We of course have Blayke pick her own theme and cake, but for the quints we try to come up with one overall decoration theme and then they pick out whatever cake design they want. We always love to see what each quint picks for their cake designs, because they all love different things and have so many different personalitise.

Checkout out our YouTube video for our adventure to Cakes by Jula to pick out Birthday cakes this year.

XO ~D~