Blayke’s 11th Birthday

This year has flown by! I can not believe my baby girl is now 11 years old. She sure is growing up fast and I love the little lady she is turning into. Last year Blayke had an extra special party because she hit the double digits but this year I think we went back and forth 20 times on what she wanted to do for her big day. But we finally came up with her Starbucks Tent Sleepover.

Thanks to Slumber Tents for the cute idea and setting up all the tents.
They were great to work with! They came to set up and to clean up all the sleepover items. We also had the option to add customized accessories like the pillow cases, cups etc. It actually turned out really cute.

Blayke requested her sisters go spend the night somewhere, so Aunt LiLi was brave enough to tackle that task, lol. The quints enjoyed it and had a blast. Blayke had the time of her life with all her friends. I ‘traded’ in five 6 yr olds for twelve other 11 yr olds!! WOAH!!! Talk about a par-try! They all went swimming, played games, drank frappes and of course did a lot of dancing and then stayed up way till 4am!!! (Oh to be a kid again with that much energy, lol).

Our girls may seem a little spoiled on their big day… because they dont just get a birthday party. We do birthday parties, birthday dates, and also family birthday dinner. So basically, they get to celebrate three times! BUT thats ok!! We love our traditions!

Blaykes birthday morning started out with her favorite breakfast – French toasts with strawberries (my favorite too! she is so much like me, lol). Daddy got her roses, her favorite, and the quints each made Blayke a birthday card. (I absolutely love home made cards, they are just the best!)

For Blayke’s “Birthday Date” this year , the request is to of course get checked out of school early for a lunch date at Olive Garden, for her favorite Chicken Alfredo, and then off to the nail salon. Though we go to the nail salon kinda often, this birthday date was special because I let her get tips on her nails! (she has been begging me for this for a long time and I always say no way girl! Not till you’re like 15, lol). But on HER special day, she knew she would be able to do what she “wants’…so tips it was! they really did turn out so cute. 

Family dinner celebration night was a fun one too! April 5th fell on a Tuesday this year so of course we had to have “Taco Tuesday” for dinner. Everyone swam, ate tacos, and of course had more cake. 

Cakes By Julia makes all the girls birthday cakes, which don’t only look awesome, they taste amazing!! I even got to reuse some of the Starbucks cookies from Blaykes party cake, for the family dinner celebration cake…and even though all I did was stick the cookie on the cake I made, I felt “talented” LOL

I cant get over how my first born baby girl is now a preteen….gosh! What an interesting new phase we are hitting…haha. I love my Blaykers so much and that sweet, kind, compassionate soul she has…I pray that never changes. Cheers to another great year BB! Mama & Daddy love you BIG!

Have fun watching some of Blaykes party on your YouTube Channel.

XO ~D~