Quint Bump Poppin at 23 Weeks

Today marks 23 weeks with this growing Quintuplet bump. These girls are all like little dancers but they STILL won’t let me video them making my belly bounce/pop everywhere…grrrrrr!!!

I used to look forward to every two-week appointment because that meant we would get to do ultrasounds and see our sweet little girlies. Well now…it’s so difficult to do an ultrasound, I almost dread the hour (lol…not really but it’s just different feeling for sure) and we can barely tell what is on the screen, lol. I had to take so many breaks because its way too hard for me to lay flat, almost passed out twice and had to be given cold packs to lay on…no fun! Every time I move position we have to try to re-identify which baby is which…which then means by the time we are done re-identifying who is who, it’s about that time for me to take a break and sit up again….haha.

When I hopped on the scale today….WOWZER!!…I have never seen it hit this number before….I laughed..then told myself ‘all for the babies! all for the babies’. Adam is “pretty honest” when it comes to me asking him a question about my weight… or like when I used to work out (oh how I miss that)..if I would say something about a specific muscle or complain about a body part his response was “well do something about it” (gotta love that honest Buzz ♥). So as he heard me laugh when I was on the scale, he asked what it said…so I told him (and NO, I’m not going to type my weight here, lol)…he laughs and then I asked him “Do I look like I weight that much?” …. There was about a 2 min thought process going on in his head (hmmmm how do I answer that??) and then he said “No, not really”. I laughed at his response but … I’LL TAKE IT!!! I examined his mouth as he was answering because if you know my Buzz…his mouth quivers just a bit on one side when he tells “a lie/joke”. But I love my Buzz, because even though I feel he discovered how to ‘hide that mouth quiver’ with this one time response…he had the right answer ♥

Well now for the important stuff 😉 All our little princesses are all growing and look great. I love getting these results! They are each measuring around 1lb 1-2oz. My blood work came back showing my Kell levels have NOT gone up at all, Praise God!..but they still could go up at any point, so retest in two more weeks.

We are going to try to make it at home till 25 wks and then go into hospital. As uncomfortable I am, I rather be home but I did tell my doctor it is up to him because I want what is best for the girls. He suggested I go back next week for a checkup, see how me and the babies are doing and if all is ok, we will go one more week at home 🙂 (Challenge accepted….I’m gonna make it!!!) Once I am at 25 wks I will more than likely be admitted, if not next week to start steroids. I am totally ok with this too…just want to make it to 25 wks at home and then my goal of at least 30 wks before the munchkins come out. My blood pressure still looks perfect but the babies are going to start growing at an accelerated rate which will be more painful for me which will more than likely affect my blood pressure, etc and so being in the hospital by 25 wks will help monitor everything is going ok for all us.

I have officially been put on more restrictions like no driving…which was a shock to me. I’m basically on bed rest at home at this point. But you know what excites me….so many of my TV shows start back up this week (like tonight..the Following comes on…YAY!!!)…and I think I will be starting Scandal from Season 1 🙂 

The baby room is just about done! Just have one wall above  the dresser to finish decorating. It sure is getting closer…and becoming more real. I think the more pain I have the more real it becomes. I had a melt down a few days ago….which I have to say, I am way less emotional/hormonal this pregnancy…which you would think I would be an emotional wreck all the time… lol… but it usually hits me maybe once a week / week and half, when I just want to cry about something…but that still is a shocker to me!!

I am so blessed to have had such a great quintuplet pregnancy this far. I don’t think I would be this well off if I didn’t have all my worries and the unknowns entrusted in my God. It is such a great relief to know that it is all up to Him and I don’t need to worry about anything. I just know this is His miracle and His story we are creating and I truly love sharing it with all of you.

Prayer request: Please continue to pray my Kell levels do not rise, that the quints continue to share nutrition and grow equally like they have been. We also have a lot of change coming up soon, like me going into the hospital soon, and this will be a bit of a challenge / transition for our little Blayke. Pray she still feels the same amount of abundant love from both me and Adam when the time comes.

Thanks again to all of you who follow our journey and all the messages you send to us. It truly is humbling to know WE have touched so many lives.