Quint Bump Poppin at 17 Weeks

Well I haven’t done much this week but lay on the couch in pj’s…so my 17 week pic is a bit behind on posting. A lot more sporadic pains coming here and there…what fun. I have had two occasions where I was quite alarmed with a ‘new pain’ but luckily it hasn’t been constant. I am so much more tired these days then I was even in my first trimester, but I think a lot has to do with not sleeping as well during the night. I am really starting to take it ‘easier’ but it sure is hard sometimes...so much to do.

Accomplishments this week – besides growing 5 babies another week (lol), Blayke is moved into her new Big Sister room and absolutely loves it; the carpets in bedrooms have been cleaned; garage organization is almost complete and now its time to work on getting the baby room ready 🙂

On to anther week of creating Quintuplets.