Quint Bump Poppin at 13 Weeks

Danielle's Quint Bump at 13 weeks

In an effort to keep this Blog as real as possible, we want to share our highs and lows throughout this journey as a family on our way to bring 5 new little miracles into the world.   Though our post yesterday about Zoe was really sad, it is part of what is happening in our day-to-day journey so we felt a need to share.

Now for a little more POP…here is my Weekly Quint Bump at 13 weeks.

Whats happening now..well…mostly just a lot of pain. My sciatic nerve has been bothering me like crazy. It hurts to sit up, so I feel most comfortable sitting on my side or laying on my side. My belly is really TIGHT. I have yet to feel any of the flutters but I do feel that I can feel them maybe rolling around…or something happening. Parts of the day my belly looks really lopsided, lol. The nauseation is definitely better but every time I say that…it seems to come back. I am supposed to be taking in about 3500 calories a day (holy smokes!) and I find it really hard to do so…but it is slowly getting better and I am slowly being able to eat more and more.

Thank you all for the texts, emails, letters, and Facebook messages/shares/Likes.  It truly has been such an encouragement to us through everything going on.  You all are so AWESOME!

Soooo… here it is!  My end of Week 13 Quintuplet Belly!

Danielle's Quint Bump at 13 weeks