Post – Cerclage Update

I planned on typing this post up all day yesterday but my “extra preggo brain” kept getting distracted…”today I need to do this…and then, oh I need to do that…hmmm what was I just doing, oh I’ll do this instead”. How I get anything done these days, no idea lol.
Pre Cerclage picture poseLet’s start from the beginning of this adventure. Adam and I drove home Christmas evening from spending Christmas in Louisiana with the family. Once we got home (around 9pm) I felt the need to kind of straighten up the house a vacuum…no idea why, lol. Went to bed around 11pm…but for some strange reason I was not even tired. Around 1am I wake up not feeling so well. 2am I start puking. I’m up pretty much the rest of the night. 4:30am alarm goes off… because I have to be “so fresh and so clean clean” before the procedure. So after the wonderful nap I was able to have…I feel horrible that morning, so nauseated and so much acid reflux. I’m not one at all to get nervous about anything really…except that one time when it was “go time” to push Blayke out lol. But who knows, maybe it was my nerves. We leave the house to head to hospital and what do you know starts happening?? My stomach starts growling!! Now I am instantly starving and can’t have anything to eat or drink...great!

We arrive to hospital and get into my day surgery room. Nurse comes in to explain what’s going to go on and how she will check the babies heart rates before, after procedure and then before we go home. (At this point the nurse is thinking its twins). After asking me the series or questions she goes “woah! You are having FIVE BABIES!!” (Lol, love people’s reactions). Why yes, yes I am. She goes on to tell us that most likely she will not be able to find all five heartbeats using the doppler so she may need assistance with an ultrasound machine. I went on to tell her I think she could do it. She asks us our story and is in awe. Another nurse came to assist…and what do you know! They were able to identify all five heartbeats! As much as I would have loved an ultrasound, I was excited for her because she was so proud of herself. She even went on to say how this is a record for her and she can’t wait to go home and tell her husband what she did today! Love it! Super awesome to make her day with my five baby heartbeats. 
As I’m getting wheeled back to get the IV started, everyone that is in the room comes by to say “OMG! You are the one with the quints!!” Yep! That’s little ‘ol me. Questions after questions…which I love and don’t mind at all …they are just all in shock. Everyone thinks I am like the “Octo-Mom” and choose to implant 5 embryos! First off, are you nuts!! we are NOT CRAZY... and second, we did NOT do IVF (Lol) …oh and third, we did NOT “ask” for five babies at a time (haha).
Since I had such bad acid reflux that morning (which I was yet to experience in my pregnancy until that morning) they made me drink this stuff to help me out. Let me just tell you…there are no words to explain how awful, sour, bitter, sweet, nasty tasting that little sip was. Omg! I can taste it now, ughhhh! Luckily it helped and it was actually something that went in my stomach, I imagined it was pancakes haha.
Procedure went fabulous…all 13min it took. Once I was in recovery room, I once again had every nurse come talk to me. I feel like a “celebrity quint mom“…wait…a “celebrity HOUSEWIFE quint mom”...I totally claim that title. (If you don’t know me…I’m obsessed with all the Housewives shows on Bravo). All the heart beats at this point looked great but you could tell they were all sleeping. I proceeded to my day surgery room where I waited to be discharged to go home…which meant I had to keep fluids down and then of course pee. Which on any other day you say the word pee and I can pee…but this day I had to be able to pee 100ml at one time. Boy that made me nervous, lol. I thought surely I can do that…but it is not like I actually “knew” how much I pee in ml every time I go, lol…I became nervous. Pressure! So I drink, drink, drink and hold it, hold it, hold it. Then all of a sudden It was time…“Nina needs to go” ( If you have kids…you know what I’m talking about … Disney, lol)…and my nurse was Grandma lol. I give myself a huge pat on back for being an overachiever lol…small things . TIME TO GO HOME! And EAT!
Most of the day friday I was feeling fine because I was on pain medicine and slept most of day. But when Saturday morning came…holy moly! I felt like I was hit by a bus and hurt absolutely everywhere. I had fever that morning, I think because of the pain. After food, meds and going back to bed I felt fine pretty much the rest of the day. Then 6pm comes and I feel horrible! I knew I had to have fever again … And I did, 100.4….which I couldn’t let it reach 100.6 or it was off to the emergency room. The only thing calling my name that moment was a miserable cold bath…ugh! Nothing worse than a cold bath, but it helped and my fever went down to about 99.5. But I’m not sure if it was the cold water I was sitting in that helped the fever or my wonderful husband who kept coming in the bathroom, laughing and blowing cold air on me (normal days in the house with Buzz, even when you don’t feel good). I set my alarm for every hour throughout the night to take my pain meds on schedule and thankfully Sunday morning I had no fever and actually felt normal…well as normal as a quint pregnant woman can feel.
I am very thankful for the care the doctors and nurses provided me. I prayed for this day and for the team working with me and I know God was definitely with us. I actually loved every minute of the day there at the hospital because everyone was so nice and supportive.

Thank you Woman’s for being Awesome!
Back to the doctor on Friday for next appointment…hopefully we are getting closer to finding out genders!!