The BIG DAY! – Rush Cycle League City

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In September 2016 Adam and I decided to jump on board and start a new adventure with our greatest of friends —>Priscilla & Todd Hartranft (#dontforgettheF, #insidejoke), and Kylie & Pete Ilieski….and what might have that adventure been?? Something as simple and easy… *wink wink… as opening up our OWN BUSINESS!! Simple and easy, right??? Lets all laugh, lol! Nothing is simple …

Hurricane Harvey Relief

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Our town of League City, as well as the areas right around here were flooded pretty bad during Hurricane Harvey.  It is so incredible to see hundreds of people come together to serve one another….even if they do not even know the person. To see those who did not flood pull together all they have and get out and help …

Danielle's 20 Week quintuplet Belly Pic

Quint Bump Poppin at 20 Weeks

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OMG!! IT’S WEEK 20!!!!!! YAY!!!! Hitting a milestone this week. I got to erase the ‘1’ off my chalk board and put a ‘2’!  Exciting week for sure…. it’s getting closer and closer to the day we get to meet our five princesses. We had a great weekend back home in Louisiana. We were showered with lots of love for …