13 Things About Parker Kate

Food: Broccoli, Tomatoes….annnnnd Kolachee
(This is true, she is a good veggie eater like Blayke. The only quint we dont have to fight with to try veggies!)

Drink: apple juice … and root beer at Nana & Papas house

Color: pink and red

Toy: Legos
(I’m pretty sure its dress up dresses & babydolls…dont know where legos came from .. haha)

Song: We Wish You A Merry Christmas
(Well…im not surprised its a Christmas song, lol…but im guessing she is saying this song because they are already practicing for school Christmas play…haha)

Movie:  Lion King

TV Show: OutDaughtered
(Though she actually loves OutDaughtered…She calls just regular home footage videos, even ones off our phone, OutDaughtered…so basically she just likes watching her family on TV… haha) 

Love:  Tianna and Belle
(How different her answer is from the others..haha. Love it! She DOES love her some princesses!!)

Favorite place to go: Kemah Boardwalk

Pet Peeves: Bugs
(…. REALLY??? I NEVER would have guessed she would say bugs…haha and she didn’t even take a second to think about the answer)

Advise: Say your prayers