Trials, and Faith

Do you ever think about how you may contribute to a problem you are having??? Sometimes I realize that my attitude can contribute to the problem, and I respond out of emotion, which never helps anything! Like something as simple as being frustrated because I can’t get dinner cooked for all six kids in a timely manner and that would satisfy all their ‘individual wants’ for a meal…OR when I’m in a disagreement with my husband and our voices might get “passionate”… OR even when we are faced with big life decisions that cause stress to arise. I have to remind myself that I need to focus on responding in a way that brings glory to Jesus and reflect on how my attitude is affecting the people (and our kids) around us. I know we all have instances where we feel that ‘I wish I didn’t respond that way’ kind of moment. No matter what the struggle, trials or daily frustrations we face, we need to make the decision that regardless of what circumstances come your way, we will stay committed to Christ. I love the sayings
Choose to worship and not worry! Pray instead of panic!
Because guess what? Trials we face create endurance, they allow us a view that we can’t get from the bottom, they bring clarity, and most importantly, they allow us an opportunity for growth! The Bible actually says we should consider our trials a joy!! Why? Because without them we wouldn’t mature in our faith. If our faith is not tested, how would we strengthen it? 

“Count it joy, in the trials, in my suffering”

It’s not when everything in your life is going great that your faith in God will be on display, it’s when you are struggling, and life is difficult…it’s all about perspective. Trials in life are no fun. Seasons of struggle can cause depression, anxiety and sometimes just seem plain pointless. But the goodness and faithfulness of God is everlasting. Here’s the thing, God’s faithfulness doesn’t change, it’s just a matter of how we respond. I want to encourage you… if you are struggling, having a rough time, or your circumstances seem impossible…ask God for eyes to see His mighty hand at work in the details of your life. Watch and listen for Him, He is always moving, and He is always speaking! He is so detailed and intentional for YOU, so be specific and intentional in your prayers. It’s beautiful, when in the midst of what seems so hard, or downright awful, we can be restored if we cling to Him, the Promise Giver. 

What you focus on becomes magnified,
so choose to keep our eyes on the Promise Giver. 

I pray that the worries of the moment never diminish what is most important in my life. Despite setback and delays, disappointments and questions, may we always be thankful for what we have, see the best in people, appreciate the small things, and believe the best is yet to come.