The BIG DAY! – Rush Cycle League City

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In September 2016 Adam and I decided to jump on board and start a new adventure with our greatest of friends —>Priscilla & Todd Hartranft (#dontforgettheF, #insidejoke), and Kylie & Pete Ilieski….and what might have that adventure been?? Something as simple and easy… *wink wink… as opening up our OWN BUSINESS!! Simple and easy, right??? Lets all laugh, lol! Nothing is simple …

Danielle's 20 Week quintuplet Belly Pic

Quint Bump Poppin at 20 Weeks

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OMG!! IT’S WEEK 20!!!!!! YAY!!!! Hitting a milestone this week. I got to erase the ‘1’ off my chalk board and put a ‘2’!  Exciting week for sure…. it’s getting closer and closer to the day we get to meet our five princesses. We had a great weekend back home in Louisiana. We were showered with lots of love for …