Buzz Birthday Candles Video 3

Every year when we have Daddy’s birthday, Blayke picks out the type and color of the cake. Don’t ask why lol…you would think Adam would get to pick his own cake but not with a house full of girls…haha. 100% of the time the cake is confetti and then the icing color changes every year. This year it was green and purple, lol.

Three years ago when Adam blew out his birthday candles all the quints just started screaming…and it was hilarious. So now we do a video every year so we can see the new reactions. This year was great because the quints LOVE birthdays and you can see how much they have grown. They all try to blow the candles out themselves.

Here is the newest video but you can checkout the previous birthday video’s on our YouTube channel

Yes it is July and Adam’s birthday was in June….playing catchup 😉