Happy 7th Birthday Blayke

♥Our Blaykers♥ Oh how we can not believe you are 7 years old. Every year before her big day, Adam and I always find ourselves watching old videos of Blayke from years back. It is definitely hard, in a good way, to watch all these old amazing little videos of Blayke. We laugh, we cry and then we laugh some more. Blayke always had the best stories. Aways so full of creative ideas and visions. Half the time the stories never made sense but that is what made them so great and what makes us laugh so much.
















From the day Blayke was born, I knew God created someone special. We have watched her grow into an incredible little person. As I look back on her 7 years I can’t help but think how blessed we are to have her be our little girl. When she turned 4 years old, she was given one the biggest titles any little girl could hold. She became big sister to quintuplets! For how her world was changed drastically over night. But I truly believe when God created her, He created her knowing one day she would have this title of “big sister to quints” and He knew she could handle this life. I do not know what I would do if my life with quintuplets didn’t have Blayke in it. SHE IS THE BEST BIG SISTER and best Mommy Helper!

Blayke amazes me daily for all the love and care she shows to her sisters. How she is so independent and can take action when she sees a need that needs to be met…for herself or her sisters. She has the kindest heart and is always thinking of others. At the age of 7 she wants to be a veterinarian, this girl is obsessed with animals. She has lost a lot of teeth this year, 6 to be exact, and I feel like this officially makes you a big girl, lol. She still has her sassy goofy little self but maturing into an amazing little person.










Blayke, we love you to the moon and back, and further than that! We are so thankful to be your parents and you make us proud every single day.

Happy Birthday my forever baby girl!