13 Things About Ava Lane

One down and five more 13 things about ‘me’ to go. Next up is Ava!
(And all these answers were direct from Ava. I LOVE her advise!!!)

Food: Chicken

Drink:  Ice cold water
(This girl love ice cold water just like her mama)

Color: Pink

Toy: Purses

Song: Rewrite the Stars
(Ava sings this song all day every day!!)

Movie: The Greatest Showman

TV Show: Boss Baby Back in Business 

Love: My Family

Favorite animal: Elephant

Favorite vacation place: Shopping Store
(this is what the girls call every place we go to buy stuff…could be groceries to clothes..I guess Ava just likes to see us spend money, lol)

Nickname: Aba

Pet Peeves:  I don’t know

Advise: love Jesus 




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