13 Things About Blayke

13 things about Blayke:

The other day I posted 13 things about me and a lot of comments came back wanting to know these random things about each of our girls…so here goes! First up! Blaykers! (And all these answers were direct from Blayke. I LOVE her pet peeves and advise!!!)

Food: Chicken Alfredo

Drink: Pepsi

Song: High Hopes 

Color: Red

Movie: The Greatest Showman

TV Show: Loud House 

Love: Beaux Beaux (my doggy), gymnastics

Favorite vacation place: Disney 

Subject in school: Math & Science

Pet Peeves: when my sisters are being embarrassing in front of other people

Last thing I Bought: JoJo backpack purse and puppy stuffed animal 

What blows your mind when you think about it: That I’m a big sister to 5 sisters

Advise: enjoy your days playing