Outdaughtered Season 3 Air Date

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We are just a few short weeks away from a Date that we (and Millions of our fans) have been waiting for for so long.  It’s been the single most asked question that we have gotten over the past 6 months. When will Season 3 of Outdaughtered air?  We can finally share the news! Tuesday, JULY 10th at 8/7c on …

Family Vacation Prep

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Prepping for a family of eight to go on vacation took weeks! All the planning around what ALL do we bring!!!! AHHHHH!!! How do we keep 6 kids occupied on a plane for 8+ hours, airport lay overs, jet lag, sleeping situations, transportations…carseats and a van big enough to transport us, how many bags can/should I bring, snacks…. the list …

Busby Quintuplets 3rd Birthday

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Happy 3rd Birthday  Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley & Parker Kate Wow! Three years old already. I feel like it was literally yesterday when I was having quints, taking them home, figuring out our new life….and now…its been three years! We no longer have little babies! We have five little toddlers. I tell everyone, ‘what are we going to call them …

The Busbys are BACK for a new season of OutDaughtered

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The Wait is FINALLY OVER! We are so excited to finally talk about what we have been having to keep a secret!  It’s like a weight has been lifted off of our shoulders and we can now announce that we are coming back for a new season of OutDaughtered and have been working on this project since Fall of 2017. …

Busby Update: How To Tell Quints Apart at 2 Years Old

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Boy oh Boy! As you can tell…with no recent post…its been quite some time since I was able to provide an update on the kiddos. We have been in the middle of terrible twos, tantrums, potty training, sometimes not napping, 6 little own opinions….and lots lots more.  Lets just say the ‘twos have taken over’. Ill just get straight to …

Danielle’s Full NICU Speech with photos

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Ever since watching the episode of OutDaughtered  where Danielle gave the speech for the March of Dimes about her NICU experience, we have gotten thousands of request to release the full uncut/unedited version.  The version that you saw on TV was pretty moving, but was nothing compared to the full speech.  We can’t watch this without crying.     We …

An OutDaughtered Mardi Gras Bash

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We are a Louisiana family and a big part of our heritage is to celebrate Mardi Gras.  We would look forward to getting off of school for an extended weekend every year and going to all of the parades and other fun festivities surrounding the holiday. We try to keep the traditions alive with the kids, now that we live …

A Busby Valentine

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Here in the Busby house, we didn’t get to celebrate with each other until after all of the girls were home from school and Daddy came home from work. The girls had a super fun Valentine’s Day and we wanted to share a little video from our Weekly Vlog of how the evening went. We hope you enjoy!