13 Things About Ava Lane

Danielle Busby 13 things, Quint Update Comments

One down and five more 13 things about ‘me’ to go. Next up is Ava!
(And all these answers were direct from Ava. I LOVE her advise!!!)

Food: Chicken

Drink:  Ice cold water
(This girl love ice cold water just like her mama)

Color: Pink

Toy: Purses

Song: Rewrite the Stars
(Ava sings this song all day every day!!)

Movie: The Greatest Showman

TV Show: Boss Baby Back in Business 

Love: My Family

Favorite animal: Elephant

Favorite vacation place: Shopping Store
(this is what the girls call every place we go to buy stuff…could be groceries to clothes..I guess Ava just likes to see us spend money, lol)

Nickname: Aba

Pet Peeves:  I don’t know

Advise: love Jesus