Quint Bump Poppin at 22 Weeks

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IT’S WEEK 22!!!! That’s right..22!! If you know me, you know 22 is my favorite number…so I’m so excited its WEEK 22!! It has taken me a few days to actually get the weekly pic taken because I haven’t been feeling well. Mostly because of our ‘awesome’ Houston weather (it was 75 the past weekend and now its in the …

Quint Bump Poppin at 21 Weeks + weekly update

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I don’t think I did much of anything at all last week… well except on Friday when I actually felt “ok”…got out for lunch with my girl Kylie and we went to Olive Garden (love me some chicken alfredo, YUM!!). It was such a nice weather week and while everyone was out running (so jealous), I was on the couch …

15 Week Quint Bump

Quint Bump Poppin at 15 weeks

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Some people say my belly is “so cute” and not big at all….well I beg to differ! (lol) I’m ONLY 15 weeks and I feel like I’m huge, haha. We now know the genders, which is SUPER exciting. We almost have all the names picked out, which is SUPER exciting. And Blayke LOVES telling everyone about her 4 sisters and …