Air Fort Craziness with the girls

The Busby house is full of toys beyond toys…and we don’t often get new toys because where on earth do we put them, haha. Blayke and the Quints love playing in their Matilda Jane tee-pee tent…and Blayke also LOVES making forts and playing school or mommy with the babies (so cute).

Who used to build forts with pillows and blankets as a kid? What about attaching a blanket to a fan and weighing down the edges to make an inflatable fort? I used to always do this as a child! I would sit inside and read books. It is a very fond memory from my childhood and now there is something so much better out there for kids! The makers of Air Fort reached out to us to see if the girls would like to try it and after checking out their website, We knew that it would be a hit for the kids! Although, it did take a bit for a couple of them to warm up to it. What do you expect with 6 different personalities?! ha!

There is nothing better than seeing happy excited baby faces!! And boy! oh boy! Did this Air Fort make the happiest of smiles, especially for Ava. Parker was a bit scared at first but I think she was just tired and it wasn’t impressing her at the moment, lol. We love hearing all their giggling laughs, seeing them play peak a boo, and just love seeing them interact with each other. It warms our hearts so see the “loving side” of our kiddos. They are getting closer to two years old so I have to say that their sassy attitudes are for sure coming out early, lol.

You can order yours at:

Have you ever built a fort with a blanket and a fan when you were a child?  Do your kids?

Sit back and enjoy the craziness of Blayke and The Quints experiencing the Air Fort for the first time!