Busby Quints FIRST Toenail Polish

As a Mommy to SIX little Princesses, it is inevitable that nail polish will make it those 60 nails and 60 toenails will need to be painted quite often. When Blayke turned two years old, I took her for the first time to a Nail Salon…and boy! oh boy! did that spoil her! I can not go get my nails done without her or I sure do get the scolding when I get home, lol. 

Well on this particular day, Blayke went to play at a friends house and well…I decided it’s time to let the quints see what nail polish was 🙂 I let them all pick their own color, sad to say they each did not pick their ‘quint color’ hahaha!  I was so surprised at how much Parker loved the activity and wanted me to keep painting hers “mine! mine!” was what she kept saying as she pushed her foot towards me… LOL!!! BUT I was even more surprised at how Olivia was not letting me paint her little piggies!

I’m not sure I will be taking the Quints on their 2nd Birthday (which is coming up so fast!!) to the nail salon..because well, I would have to reserve the whole place..hahaha!! But one day I will take them…just maybe one at a time, when they are older.

Love this life of all girls!!



Hope you enjoy the video!




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