It’s A Buzz World coming to TLC

Busby family of 8

We have been getting a lot of messages over the past couple days asking us about having our own show on TLC.

YES, those headlines are TRUE.

We have been working with them since before the birth of these very special quints and are so excited to have documented this incredible story of God’s grace poured out on our lives. Less than a year ago we started a blog to keep our friends and family updated about our unbelievable journey. We never thought that it would have been shared the world over the way that it has.  We truly believe that the only reason that we have been given this great opportunity to share our story and have a voice to potentially millions of people is because of our faithfulness in Christ.  With all of the craziness in the world right now, we can’t help but wake up smiling when we see these little miracles and we hope that our family has brought a smile to your home also.

One of the main things that we hear from people that know and care for us is about the negatives of what this much attention has done to some families.  All I can say to that is, we aren’t those families…  We are the Busbys! We have surrounded ourselves with an incredible support group from our family, church and close friends that help to keep us grounded and accountable.  Are we perfect?  Nope!  We will never claim to be.  We are a normal family with an amazing story, that loves Jesus and are forgiven through his sacrifice on the cross.  We have given a pretty extraordinary story to tell and we hope that it has brought a smile to your face so far.  We are thankful to TLC for giving us the opportunity to bring the Buzz World to your home and give you just a glimpse of the craziness that ensues around us.

Thank you all for your support and stay tuned for some very exciting things to come as these little miracle babies grow.

Thank you all for Sharing our story the world over and continuing to do so.  The world needs a happy story.


We love you all