10 Month Old Busby Quints

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10 months!!! Are you kidding me!! How can this time go by so fast! (Next thing we know they will be 1 years old…better start planning that party now..AHHHHH!) The quints are becoming “wild”….they are not yet crawling but most of them scoot around. It’s still manageable to keep them under your eye all together but … not for long. They …

9 Months Old Busby Quints

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These girls are growing like crazy…where has time gone??? Since I missed posting month 8…there is so much that has happened in the last two months. We love all the ‘new’ things happening. It is so fun to see them all grow and their personalities become more and more noticeable.   Ava Lane has become more sensitive and serious…especially with …

7 Month Old Busby Quints

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The Busby Quints are 7 MONTHS OLD! I can not believe 7 months has gone by.  All the quints are so healthy and happy, getting the hang of rolling over better each day, practicing sitting up by themselves, showing us their attitudes lol, and getting teeth. Olivia got her teeth about 2 weeks ago and now AVA!! I think Hazel will …

6 Month Old Quints

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Our Quints are 6 MONTHS OLD!!!! Now that the girls are 6 months old…they have all been developing so great! Their pediatrician was impressed with their level of development and how chunky they have gotten (love me some chunky babies!!). They can all do belly time really well now, roll from tummy to back…..and ALMOST doing back to tummy, sitting …

Five Sleeping Munchkins

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There are not too many things I pride myself on but over the last few weeks…I can say “I am proud of ME..us”. Such a strange thing to say, lol….but I love feeling accomplished!! If you “know” us…you know that Adam and I have raised a great child, our “Blaykers” ♥. She was everything we prayed for and everything we wanted, we …

Busby Quintuplets are FIVE Months Old

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The Busby Quints are FIVE Months Old!! (Thank you AspenLane for the hats (& blankets not pictured) & H.Behrmann Desgins for the Jelly Cats..that were only used for snuggles in the picture *wink ) Watching life through a growing baby…it just goes by way too fast! There isn’t a day that goes by that we are not in love with our …

Time Is Flying and Quints Are Growing

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So … when is the last time I fully blogged??? OMG!!! Forever. I told myself after the quints came home that I was going to keep the blog up weekly like I had been and then…the real life action started and I’m lucky at this point to get a baby update post up in a few weeks…bummer…but those babies take …

Telling the girls apart

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We have had this question a lot lately.  How do we tell the girls apart? We had a little bit of time yesterday morning after the girls ate, so we recorded a condensed version of how we tell each of the quints apart.

One Week Quint Surviving

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We have successfully made it a week with five baby girls and one 4 yr old at home. Holy smokes! We are still alive…LOL….and surviving. I can hear Beyonce singing in my head – “I’m a survivor..” Haha. I don’t even know where to start with this update…I think the one question everyone wants to know is ‘What is it …