WHAT?! A New Busby Family Member

What!?!?! AM I cray cray?! Probably, hahaha I swore I would never get a second dog, but I had an extreme attachment to this little puppy and couldn’t stop thinking about him…. I just couldn’t resist his little ‘foo foo’ adorable face. I think Buzz got tired of me talking about him and how much I just really needed to ‘save’ this puppy (LOL). I have ALWAYS wanted a shih tzu breed and since Adam got his dream dog when we got Beaux ( a blue Frenchie) , I thought… if I ever was going to ‘give in’ to another doggy, it was going to be a breed I wanted. Dont get me wrong, I LOVE my Beaux Beaux but I just always wanted a ‘foo foo’ #fluffy dog, hahaha.

So guys, we added a new member to our family!
Meet Gus the Teddy Bear! (A half Shih Tzu and half Bichon Frise) .

XO ~D~