Divide & Conquer for Hazel’s Eye Follow Up – July 2021

Our little Hazel basil!!! The journey with her nystagmus is something we visit her eye doctor for every 3-5 months. Last year was quite interesting when it came to her appointments because of covid. A few of the appointments were virtual and I just think it was really tough to actually get a good ‘exam’ (lol) and update that way… SO I really thought by the time we got to see Dr Meagan face to face that we were looking at another eye surgery because we started to see signs of her turning her head more and more.

BUUUUTTTT… come to find out, she just needed a new prescription, praise the Lord and we had to patch one of her eyes to help strengthen the other. She transitioned to wearing that patch like a champ… and she was literally so cute in it. Now months have gone by and we have had two other appointments since then.

Our most recent appointment, Adam and I had to divide and conquer…one of us takes Hazel to Austin, Tx to see her eye doctor and then the other of us stays home with the other girls. AND BOY OH BOY! I remember this day so well. This specific appointment Adam was taking Hazel…and that morning I woke up to a super sick Beaux Beaux #ourdog. It was so bad I had to take him back and forth to the vet with all the girls… made for a messy and interesting morning..haha. But long story short….

Just checkout our YouTube video for this days adventure 🙂

We are SO PROUD of our little Hazel. She is so strong, yet shy…. but this girls is still a rockstar. Love you Haze!!!